15 January 2010

The Spaghetti Incident

The Good

I cooked a meal from scratch for the boys and they ate it. It took a while to cook and is the exception that proves the rule that the more time I spend cooking, the less my children eat.

Presley 'helped' me cook spaghetti bolognaise. Both boys loved it and enjoyed learning how to eat spaghetti.

Shh, nobody tell them that spaghetti is pasta (they don't like pasta).

The Bad

Presley couldn't resist starting a food fight with Cash.

The Ugly

Remind you of anyone?

Now, now. Before you Kajagoogoo fans go off in a huff, I'm not saying Nick Beggs is ugly. It's his hair that's ugly. Okay? Good.



  1. Well done with the (not) pasta! PS, I always thought he was ugly.
    Tina x

  2. My daughters are looking over and they are laughing at these photos!

  3. We have to call spaghetti 'worms' and the bolagnaise part is 'worm poo'. The boys think it is hilarious and guzzle it up, despite not liking pasta or tomato sauce. Apparently!

  4. Oh the hair, how funny. But did they eat it???

  5. I'll call food whatever Little Miss A wants it to be if it means she'll eat it lol.

  6. Awww, I have a similar picture of number two with noodles hanging down. Mine all love pasta, it's anything potato based that I have problems with.

  7. Tina, that made me laugh - a lot! x

    A Modern Mother, excellent. I hope I haven't given them any ideas!

    Fraught Mummy, ew, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat Spag bol again!!

    The Mad House, they loved it!

    Ang, absolutely :-)

    Chic Mama, mine have only just started eating potatoes. It's amazing to me that they're not too keen on carbs. I can't get enough of them!

  8. Stuart Neale (Keyboards) use to live next door to me. Just thought I would add that in there as a random fact you can use at dinner parties in the future ;)

  9. Pippa, I shall dine out on that for weeks! ;-)

    Kim, I was hedging my bets!


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