6 January 2010


You experience many firsts as a parent. Some are more exciting and special than others.

The first smile is amazing.

The first steps are a triumph of determination over gravity.

We found waiting for the first words rather frustrating because we were never quite sure whether the boys had actually said a proper word. We waited for a word to be repeated in context before it counted as an official word. Perhaps we had too many rules on that one.

(For the record, Presley’s first word was ‘Home’ and Cash‘s was ‘Ta’).

Today I discovered that Cash can count up to two. It was while he was in the bathroom with me this morning. As I was getting dressed he picked up two new toilet rolls and put them on his arms like whopping white bangles. He sat there holding up alternate arms saying ‘one two one two’. Then he cuddled them and said ‘baby’.

I’m fond of my Nouvelle toilet tissue, but have never felt the need to nurse it!


There was a massive first for Presley too today.

For the first time ever he asked ‘Why?’.

I wonder how long it will be before he hears his first ‘Because I said so’ from me?!


Oh and don't ask me why he chose to wear oven gloves today, or why his hair has started to stick up. I have no idea!



  1. Wow, clever boy! The Bear is 21 months today and is still yet to utter a proper word aside from "Mama" "Diddy" and "Kanga". The HV says there's no problem and it's probably because he's always been so active and so is focusing on that side of things more, but Mr B and I can't help hanging for the day he does start talking!

  2. How clever! I do know how you feel, firsts are really important to some people!

    Loved reading, enjoyed your post!

  3. I Hope this isnt considered spammy considering what I do, but can I ask if you recorded all these first's and if so how?

    we started filling in the red book but that tailed off...we had a few baby books that ended up being left in the drawer (oops!

    I'm sure it wont be long before you're saying "because I said so!"

    I've subscribed to the blog, look forward to reading

    Danny x

  4. Because I said so is the greatest answer/reason on the planet. Because it all goes downhill once they learn to say why.

  5. Ah the dreaded Why, the thing is I dont have any of the answers, Maxi wanted to know exactly how weather is forecast. He is 4. I told him we will look on the Internet when he gets home!!

  6. When smurf started asking why we replied with "because I am the boss" to which he promptly replied "no mummy I is boss"..I hate being proved wrong by a 3 year old. He has now stated asking Where he came from...think he is too young for that conversation, best tell him the old chestnut about the cabbage patch.

  7. Baking Mad Mama, Presley only really started talking when he turned two. Cash is copying him. I'm sure The Bear will have a light bulb moment, like Presley, and realise he can do it. It seems to me that you respond to the needs of your first child without them needing to speak. Number two has to work a bit harder!

    Mel, thank you, they do mean a lot :-)

    Danny, most of them are in my diary. I've got a baby record book for each, but I'v been very bad at filling them in! Good luck with the calendar, great idea :-)

    Glowstars, so does 'because I said so' stop the questions? I'm guessing not!

    The Mad House, I'm going to use that one, and 'ask your Daddy'! x

    Lorraine, ah, bless him. Thanks for the heads up about using the 'I'm the boss' reply! x

  8. I posted your piece. http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2010/01/modern-mothers-blog-carnival.html

  9. JDaniel4's Mom, thank you very much :-)

  10. Thanks Sandy, Much appreciated x



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