3 January 2010

The Baby Baby Baking Masterclass

I believe it was Delia Smith who said 'life's too short to make pastry' (probably), so yesterday I bought some ready-to-roll pastry to make a steak pie.

There was going to be plenty left over so this afternoon I decided to go all domesticated and bake some jam tarts with Presley.

He 'helped' flour the worktop and rolling pin (and his hands, hair, clothes, Jessie cat and his chair). We rolled out the pastry and cut out a dozen circles. We placed six of them on a baking tray. Next Presley painted the edges of the circles (mainly) with milk. We then cut smaller circles out of the remaining original circles.

Still with me?

We took the rings of pastry and laid them on the top of the milky circles on the baking tray. We then popped a blob of jam in each small circle - as seen on Big Cook Little Cook (oh how carefully I typed that)!

That's all there is to it. Presley and I sat and watched the oven expectantly.

We weren't expecting this:

Can you work out the flaw in my otherwise cunning culinary plan?

That's right. I used puff pastry. Oops!

Jam vol-au-vent anyone?



  1. lol sounds like something I would do! Ah well sounds like you had fun doing it tho! xxx

  2. You know, I read that as the baby baby making masterclass.... oops!

  3. Pmsl, I love that, just fill em up with fruit and yogurt - yummy!!!!

  4. I think it might be okay if you pour in some more jam and some custard - make a trifle volovent!

  5. Well, it actually looks better than anything I could ever create! (Although I am laughing slightly!)

  6. I think they look quite nice. You could be on to something there!

  7. Still edible though! I'm sure Presley will forgive you.

  8. They look yummy to me!

    And clearly I am the only one that read that blog title to mean something else - particularly when my brain substituted the 5th "b" for an "m"...

  9. Oops - sorry Glowstars - I wasn't the only one!

  10. Thanks for all the comments, they did make me smile.

    Well, we tried them and they were pretty awful (even with the addition of custard).

    Apologies to all those who were expecting a baby MAKING masterclass, that's another post for another day (and possibly a different type of blog)!!


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