29 January 2010

A Grrr, a Haha and a Tip Top Top Tip

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

I try to live my life by that rule. There are some miserable people who do not.

I took the boys to 'Bounce and Rhyme' at the library today. Jane, who runs the group, said she had some new songs for us. She asked if anyone knew the songs from In The Night Garden. A few of us hesitantly put up our hands.

FYI: We do not watch television all day. I'm not anti-television either, but it is strictly limited in our house. Sometimes it's not switched on all day, but the boys usually watch In The Night Garden before bed.


Jane handed out the words. I declined a sheet, saying 'it's okay, I know the words'. A woman sat opposite us piped up 'you need to get out more'.

I didn't know this woman. She wasn't a friend sharing a joke. She wasn't smiling. Steam came out of my ears, I wanted to tell her to BLANK off.

I said nothing.

The group then sang all of the songs on the sheet. Apart from the mums with small babies who haven't resorted to CBeebies yet, everyone knew the words. No one looked at their sheets. Grrr.


After the library we went to the Coop for Fox's Rich Tea Creams, 2 packets for £1 a loaf of bread. After paying, I took out last week's Euromillions lottery ticket.

I nervously handed it to the young shop assistant and said 'please can you check this for me, I think I've had a big win'.

How we laughed when he returned with my £6.10.

I was glad to put a smile on someone's face. 

I thought of my Dad. This was his favourite trick if he ever won £10 on the Lottery. I was happy to carry on this family tradition.


So, on to the tip top top tip! There's a new post editor in Blogger. It's so much better than the old version. It handles photographs and links intuitively. In fact, it's what you would expect from Blogger.

What I can't understand is why Blogger are keeping it a secret. Perhaps everyone else knows apart from me?!

If you didn't know anything about it you can click here for all the info. Thanks to Kelly for telling me about it.



  1. Some people are so rude!
    I love your lottery trick, when we were selling our house, we knew the sign was coming on the Monday so I said to my hubby, when the lottery numbers are annouced, shall we shout and cheer loudly and get the neighbours wondering, when they see the for sale sign go up on Monday, they'll be convinced we've won!!!!!! He wasn't up for it, boo!!!!!!

  2. Stupid people. Too man of them around in my opinion.
    By the way, Windows Live writer is also a pretty good editor and is free to download.

  3. It really p*****s me of when people make comments like that! I cant stand it. Well done for keeping your cool. I dont know weather I would have or not!

  4. Some people use rudeness to hide behinf their inadequecy. I hate it, I always try and respond by being ultra nice!!! Oh and thanks for the blogger tip - I am off to peruse. I have 10 mins with my tea thanks to my homestart lady

  5. I just cannot believe that woman said that - such a nasty thing and for absolutely no reason at all. Some people really are just horrible.

    Good lottery trick!!

    S x

  6. What a bitch! But on the plus side she has just made everyone in the room hate her, and like you haha!

    Mel xxx

  7. You should have told her to blankety blank off, am sure you will have a stunning riposte for next time.

  8. I hate people like that. I hate it more when you only think of the stunning come back ten minutes afterwards. congrats on the big lottery win, think of all the foxes creams you can buy now!

  9. Ah thanks Sandy for sharing with us. I have now updated my settings :-) I am so slow on the technology front.

    Do you know what? People are rude and I am the worst culprit for having the telly on but to be honest I dont care. I play games and sing with my son and he always wants my attention so I know he isnt completely corrupted my the TV. lol

    I think if this happens again then try your hardest to rise above it. If people are so petty that they feel they have to make rude comments about or to others then they arent even worth the worry.

    Hope that made some sense lol
    Take care

    PS, any more tips to improve my blog - greatly appreciated. :-)

  10. Oh that's horrible Sandy. I know situations like that leave me feeling pretty upset. I agree with The Madhouse,sometimes people are rude to hide their inadequancies. I try to let situations like this go over my head but it's not easy. Love and hugs xx

  11. Just be warned with Blogger draft there is no spell checker so if you aren't using firefox you'll need to either switch back to check your spellings or be clever!

  12. Glad you did not rise to her bait! silly cow. The lottery trick is great. Mich x

  13. how rude!!! you did so well to remain calm my hormones are making me v.cranky so i would've given her a mouthfull lol xxxx

  14. There are some incredibly ignorant people about and that woman most probably hasn't got any true friends to speak of. I'd have felt the same way as you.

    Thanks for the link too.
    CJ xx

  15. Hilarious post Sandy... if it had been me I probably would have said something to that woman so respect to you! xxx

  16. I didn't know the top tip & am very pleased to receive it!

  17. Miserable old cow! Maybe she just has a weird sense of humor? We loved "In the night Garden' when in the UK, my daughter is in love with the tumbleeboos (sp?), wish we had Cbeebies!

  18. Some people just haven't anything better to do than make snide comments. Can ruin someone's day though sometimes. :0( Thanks again for the mention. x

  19. We will always be running into rude people in life....shake it off...
    I think that being such a hands on kind of mom maybe played on that womans mind...maybe she felt inadequate somehow in her own mothering skills, like she was not measuring up...and the only way to deal with her emotions at that moment, was to cut you down...

    it's a shame..
    i know where you're coming from, trust me you're not the only one this kind of thing happens to...


    stop by and see me sometime...

  20. I would have sat there giving her the evil eye for the rest of the session and then come up with a witty and cutting retort about 2 days later!
    Well, I bet karma isn't dishing out lottery winning to her *sticks out tongue*

  21. Karen, oh what a spoilsport! That's a genius idea!

    The Moiderer, I totally agree. Thanks for the tip about Windows Live Writer.:-)

    Hayley, I was too shocked to say anything (and couldn't think of anything)!

    The Mad House, it could have been that. So far so good for me with the Blogger change.

    Solveig, they are :-( Glad you like the lottery trick, raises a smile every time!

  22. Mel, I hadn't thought of it like that. Quite a few of the others were probably offended too :-) x

    Jamie, if only I could have thought of a witty retort at the time. A day later the best we could come up with was 'why don't you save up and buy yourself a television'!

    Heather, I wish I could think of something cutting in 10 minutes! I make that 6 packets of biscuits - woo hoo!

    Kate, your blog looks fine to me, really stylish and well written. Littlemummy.com is running a free e-course on blogging (you'll need to sign up soon, before it stops taking new subscribers). I used to have the TV on a lot, but I couldn't stand the noise! x

    Rosie, thank you. I have risen above it *sniff* x

  23. Pippa, I'll need to be clever - uh oh! Luckily I use Google Chrome and it seems to spell check as I type. Funnily enough it underlines Google and Blogger?!

    Mich, I wasn't quick enough with a come back to rise to her bait! x

    Amy, I WISH you'd been there! x

    CJ, aw, thanks x

    Liz, I would have said something had I been quick enough with a witty retort! x

  24. Slim Lens, it should definitely make it easier to put your photos up :-)

    Geeky mummy, my thoughts exactly! You can get In The Night Garden on DVD! x

    Nova, some people must live miserable, joyless lives. You're welcome for the mention x

    Carmelina, hi there, I'm gald it's not just me. I've been over to your blog and it's beautiful - you have a new follower :-)

    Make Do Mum, oh I hope she doesn't win the lottery! What a moo! :-)

  25. Grrr what a rude woman (and loving your lottery jape)

    The blogger thing didn't used to work very well but I've just rediscovered it - makes things much easier !

  26. Aren't the words to In the Night Garden "Doop doop doopy doopy doop, doop; doopy doopy doopy doopy doop doop"?

    They really had them on a sheet?

  27. Oh that wasn't very nice. I would have just kept quiet but thought about it the whole way home, thinking of things I should have said.

    Glad you like the post editor :)

  28. What a cowbag!!
    I'm much like you - try to avoid TV, but LD *loves* night garden, so who am i to deny him half an hour a day?
    And no, I wouldn't have needed the words.
    And worse than that, I actually felt panic when I saw that headless Iggle Piggle pic - thought there had been a terrible accident :P

  29. Muddling Along, I know. Hopefully the new Blogger thing will be good enough!

    The Coffee Lady, I thought it was do do do de do de do de?! Close enough :-)

    Kelly, I wish I could think of the right thing to say at the right time!

    Leslieanne, I found the photo on Flikr and knew it was perfect. I haven't shown the boy though! :-)


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