11 January 2010


This is a photograph of Cash's first steps outside - in the snow.

He took his first steps indoors in November, but it was only a few weeks ago he realised he could walk in preference to crawling. So we hadn't taken him outside and by the time we wanted to the big freeze had taken hold.

I blogged about being stuck in the house and not being able to take Cash out in the snow in case he fell over or crawled. One generous reader offered to send me a snowsuit her son had grown out of. I emailed her my address and she went out in the snow to post it to me. The minute it arrived we all went out to play in the garden!

Fresh air! Hurrah!

So I really want to thank Mum at The Mad House. You are a kind and generous person.

In case you haven't heard of it, The Mad House is a rather brilliant blog. It just gets better and better. It is also newly listed on the Tots100 this month - well done!


Speaking of generosity...

We live behind a primary school. It has been closed all week. Last night we heard scraping noises coming from the school.

We looked out of our bedroom window and saw half the town hacking away at the ice on the car park and footpaths. This was either an awesome display of community spirit, or desperate parents with bored children under their feet.

Either way the school is open today.



  1. Oh what a generous action from The Mad House Mum! Very sweet.
    Cash must had had a blast in the snow. Victor had his first "walk in the snow" experience at the weekend and he loved it. We made a film of him enjoying running around and he looks like a little penguin in his snowsuit. So lovely! Hope you managed to go out a bit now xx

  2. Don't you just adore children in snowsuits? and the kindness of bloggers.

    I've got a couple of spare teenagers, any takers?? no, can't imagine why !

  3. Oh Sandy he looks so sweet, no need to blog about it though!! I love the fact that another little one is getting use of if it, we have pictures of both mini and maxi mad in it. It is great for them to wear and help to wash the car in!! What did he think of the snow?

    How wonderful about the school. We are thawing, but the roads and pavements are now very slippy and slushy and even more leathal. It was over mini's wellies at one point!

  4. Cash looks very set for the winter! Makes the snow worthwhile

  5. I have a picture of my granddaughters first snow experience from just before Christmas. She looks decidedly shocked (she was 1 the week before the festive period).

    And how lovely was that donation of a snowsuit :)

  6. Lovely blogger and lovely community. Glad Cash has got out to enjoy the snow. My toddler absolutely adores it. X

  7. How great for you all to be able to get out and enjoy the snow.

    Mich x

  8. Aw he looks so snug, nice one Madhouse!

  9. Perfectly Happy Mum, yes it was. We filmed our two as well. Glad Victor had a good time in the snow x

    Auntie Gwen, I fully expect to have a couple of my own in the blink of an eye!

    The Mad House, I know I didn't need to blog abut it, but I was touched. Hmm, child labour (washing the car)! He loved running around in the snow, but didn't like it when his hands got wet!

    The Woman Who Can, it's the first time I've needed a snow suit!

    Nickie, they don't know what to make of it at first!

  10. Chic Mama, you're so right about the blogging community. Snow is so much fun for them :-)

    Kim, t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u :-)

    Mich, oh it was such a relief!

    Make Do Mum, nice one indeed :-)


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