7 January 2010

Judith's Room

I'm excited.

The AMAZING Josie from Sleep is for the weak has set up a creative writing community for women called Judith's Room.

Judith's Room offers a space to write, share, support and empower. Josie explains how we came up with the name and why I have chosen to use a picture of Virginia Woolf in this post.

In less than one day, and at the time of writing, Judith's Room has an impressive 66 members.

A lot of members are fellow bloggers. Speaking just for myself, I have rediscovered a love of writing since I started Baby Baby last year. I have enjoyed participating in the weekly Writing Workshops held by Josie on her blog.

I think I'll be spending a lot of time in Judith's Room as I try to develop my writing.

Hope to see you there.



  1. When I was watching you guys tweet back and forwards the other day I wondered if you were calling it Judiths room because of the Virgina Woolf essay!

  2. ohh sounds fun , i'm off to see what all the fuss is about thanks for the heads up:)

  3. Pippa - yes its because of that essay !

    Hope Judith's Room gives you everything you want from it Sandy

  4. Pippa, aha, glad you got it. We must have dismissed over 100 names before that one came up!

    Wife of Bold, you're welcome. Good luck with the script :-)

    Muddling Along, thank you, you too :-)

  5. I have discovered a renewed love of writing since this blog too. I'll take a look; although blogging/tweeting is now starting to take over my life/......

  6. It's a Mummy's Life, that's lovely! Writing's addictive! I hardly watch TV these days... :-)


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