5 January 2010

It's All Going On...

The lovely Susanna (A Modern Mother) is hosting the first Best of the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival of 2010. It's a marathon effort and I'm please she found room to include a post from Baby Baby.

Secondly the fabulous Baby Genie is running a Big Mummy Blogger Survey. Please take part, it only takes a couple of minutes. There are some interesting results already.

Finally we were lucky enough to be sent a Vtech Animal Fun Bounce & Ride Giraffe to try. You can read my review at the Great Toy Guide.



  1. I want that Giraffe for me! I think it is soo cute!

  2. Oh I filled that out ages ago, where does one view the results from it? I'd be interested to see what is said

  3. Pippa, he has got a lovely face!!

    20 Something Mum, the results are behind the 'Baby Genie' link in my post. :-)


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