5 January 2010

I Can't Cook!

This is probably the last post I'll ever write about cooking with toddlers. I'm beginning to feel like a hapless home maker.

Of course if you would like me to carry on admitting to Sandy' kitchen nightmares, just to make you feel better about your kitchen prowess, then I'm sure I have more tasty treats in my repertoire!

So today's attempt at being a domestic goddess was Chocolate Cornflake Cakes.


I expect it would be if I had bothered to Google the recipe.

I thought I knew how to make them, after all it's so easy a child could do it, right?


I melted butter and golden syrup in a pan and added cocoa powder.

I took the bowl over to where my willing assistants (Presley and Cash) were waiting, wooden spoons at the ready.

I reached for the cornflakes. There were 17 in the packet.

In they went to the chocolatey mixture.

Hmm, we needed more cereal.

Et voila, Chocolate Sultana Bran Cakes:

And no, they didn't set.

They were however a darn sight tastier than the jam vol-au-vents!



  1. Just follow a recipe and it will all be so much easier, and then you can continue cooking with your boys x

  2. They looked quite edible, and then I read the word bran flakes!
    Don't worry, I can't cook either. Our talents must lie elsewhere!

  3. recipes are definitely the way forward when cooking with kids - that and checking you've got all the ingredients to hand before you start. Personally I'd have left out all the ingredients except the cornflakes and just poured on melted chocolate.

  4. b, I'll do that next time, I promise! :-)

    Rosie, they were yummy, despite the presence of bran. I blame my mother for never teaching me to bake, perhaps we should go to evening classes!

    Glowstars, oh yeah, that's how you make them isn't it. Don't know what I was trying to make, tasted nice anyway. Hmm, recipes and a bit of advance planning... I think that's the way forward! :-)

  5. Well, if they tasted lovely in the end then you did alright! They don't need to set IMO - just eat them out of the bowl!

    I've found Delia Smith easy to follow and her recipes come out well every time, even things that are normally a nightmare like Yorkshire Puds.

    I had a disaster the other day when I tried to cook a tomato and leek lasagne I'd seen in my sister's recipe book, but didn't actually know the recipe.

  6. They look good to me!
    My favourite recent chocolate accident - left a bag of Thorntons near a radiators - oops. In the fridge, an hour later we sliced up the chocolately fudgy fruity mixture and it was heaven!

  7. You know ehat, they are cool. Really shows your initiative, such a great skill for little ones to have!!

    Plus a have had a hard disk failure on Laptop, please resend your address. I hope to get to the PO today, as despite 8 inch of snow school is open after being shut for 2 days!!

  8. Platespinner, yes, Delia is very good. You sound just like me, you think you know the recipe, but you end up making it up!

    BabyGenie, YUM, that's my kind of cooking!

    The Mad House, initiative - I like it! Will email you, but only go to the PO if it's easy x

  9. oh dear. At least you keep trying.

    Maybe you should keep an eye out on this new blog http://makeitbakeitblog.blogspot.com

  10. Snaffles Mummy, thank you, I'd already followed! I told Carol that I wouldn't be contributing, but would road test! :-)


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