19 September 2012


This post is a placeholder. Just to let you know we're all alive and well.

Is "I haven't felt like it" a good enough excuse for not blogging?

I hope so. I have a fair few reviews to write up, including a holiday, and hundreds of ideas for blog posts.

We had such a chilled-out holiday that it's been a struggle to get going since our return. The super summer of sport has grabbed our attention. We've had some amazing family days out too, to the Paralympics and as tourists in London. We had three birthdays in four days. Until last week it was still the summer holidays for us. In the evenings I've been spending time with my husband, learning to crochet and reading reading reading. The internet hasn't held my attention.

The school the boys are going to has a rather long induction process. Presley's first day was Monday, Cash doesn't start until Friday (and then it's only part time until the end of September). Cash is lost without his big brother and so am I. Presley is loving school and bounded in with a smile. Cash can't wait to go. I'm looking forward to some time to myself during the day. It's all good.

Everyone is asking me what I'm going to do when they're both at school full time.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger...

I'll be back.

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