14 January 2010

The Favourite Photo Meme

Memes are like buses. You wait for ages to be tagged and then you get tagged three times!

I have so many favourite photographs, it's almost impossible to choose one. I don't post identifiable photos of my children online, so I had to eliminate a fair few on that basis. Even so I still have so many favourites

I've just spent a wonderful half hour searching through 'my pictures' . I had two photos in mind that I wanted to use and here they are.

The first is me with a two week old Presley. I love the way we are looking at each other.

The second is of me with Cash, again at two weeks. I love babies when they are still curled up, like tiny frogs.

Broody? Me? Yep. I mean, look at them, they're so tiny and snuggly!

I'm not sure if there's anyone left to tag. If you would like to join in, and you would like me to tag you, let me know.

Consider yourselves tagged:

Looking forward to seeing your photos.



  1. adoreable, broody me too, athough a physical impossibility to have any more!!

  2. Same here - gorgeous moments of you with your precious babies. I would love another, but have now been in menopause since having little E, and am now too old, despite her continual attempts to persuade me to let her have a little bro or sis. Lovely photos, thank you.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Totally adorable. But broody? No way...! ;-))

  4. Lovely photos. They are making ME broody. Note to self, no looking at photos of small babies, no looking at photos of small babies...

  5. That first one gives me shivers, it is such a perfect shot. Such wonderful memories

  6. I adore little scrunchy babies too. Your photos are very emotionally evocative.

  7. So tiny and perfect!
    I used to call K 'Froggy' because of the way her little legs folded.

  8. Ooh, they look adorable, and so tiny!

  9. tag me! tag me! (is that a bit sad but I've been desperately waiting for this one to come round?!)

  10. Awww broody me...erm YES..lol. Lovely photos Sandy.

  11. Lovely pictures. I love it when they're all curled up still too. And now you are making me feel broody! No chance of anymore here though! :0(xx

  12. you're so right - they're like frogs, then they grow into little rabbit children, especially when asleep. My 3 year old likes to be dried after his bath as a rabbit. Okay that just sounds wierd now I'm writing it.....Would love to be mememe'ed will be starting a Rock Follies blog shortly. Like I've not got anything better to do *chortles*

  13. We always called it "the burrito stage" of a babies life. They are so cute!
    I go back and forth on whether I should or should not post photos of the kids online. I do on facebook, but have privacy set to friends of friends. I didn't used to on the blog, but I so love to see other peoples pictures, that more recently I decided to post pics of us. I would be interested in any specific information or articles that guided you to your decision though.

  14. Lovely pictures! Hard to believe they were like that once even though it wasn't very long ago. And broody? No, because very lucky me has a little girl curled up on me like a frog at the moment!

  15. Consider yourself tagged at mine

  16. The Mad house, thank you. Sorry to hear you can't have any more. Oh and thanks for the tag, I'll be over shortly x

    Diney, ah, poor little E and poor you! Glad you like the photos.

    Maternal Tales, thanks. Are you sure?! Babies are snuggly ;-)

    Fraught Mummy, look away now!!

    Laura, thank you. They are wonderful memories :-)

  17. Slim Lens, I'll pass on your compliments to the photographer :-)

    Make Do Mum, ah, so sweet!

    Rosie, they were tiny, both 6lb-something when they were born!

    Plan B, I know the feeling! Looking forward to seeing your photo :-)

    Lorraine, thanks and sorry! x

  18. Nova, it's looking less and less likely for me too - age is against me. x

    Gigi, mine sleep like rabbits too, in the child pose. Consider yourself mememememe'd x

    Geekymummy, it's a tough one. I haven't read anything specific, it just bothers me that someone could take a photo of my children and use it in an unsavoury way. Of course I'm being totally paranoid! I'd love to share photos of my boys, but I don't even put them on Facebook!

    Emily, thanks. You know how jealous I am right now?

  19. curled up like frogs - i love that! lol Mich x

  20. Tina and Mich, thank you :-)


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