12 January 2010

Sexy Undies and Odd Socks

This week I have mostly been wearing my sexy undies.

Last Monday our washing machine died. It was a noisy death accompanied by a puff of smoke.


It probably died of hard work. Having two small children who can't seem to eat a meal without smearing it all over themselves had meant almost daily use for quite some time. I'm also guilty of only wearing clothes once. I know, I know, it's not environmentally friendly, but it smells good.

I'm waiting for a new machine to be delivered today. Please let it be today St John of Lewis.

We've managed to survive without a washing machine by dressing unusually. The boys are down to odd socks, dirty jeans and stained tops. At least their grandma knitted them new cardigans for Christmas. They are sporting the Val Doonican look for warmth and to cover up food stains.

And I am wearing sexy undies.

I soon ran out of my everyday, M&S, pack of five, pants. So I rummaged at the back of my underwear drawers and found the good stuff. The pretty stuff. The frilly stuff. The lacy stuff. The matching stuff. The stuff I used to wear Before Children.

Do you know what? It feels good. I feel more feminine. I feel like I've got a secret.

I've missed feeling like this.

Never keep anything for best.

This post was written in response to writing prompt 2, Tell me about something you miss, in the Sleep is for the weak writing workshop.



  1. one of my New Year's resolutions was to wear more sexy knickers. But not many of my pre-pregnancy ones fit me any more - my bones got bigger (-; So cheerful alternative, treat myself to a pair one a month. And while I'm building up stocks, St Johns of Lewis do a pack of 5 frilly ones, a fair compromise.

    Good luck with the washing machine. Hope it arrives soon. Ours is groaning but (fingers crossed) holding out! (same as boiler!)

  2. When I travelled a lot, rather than carry dirty undies around with me, I would buy a pack and chuck them away each day!Bad Dawn!

  3. I have been trying to not keep things for best clothes wise. I have always had the same phylosphy for jewelry

  4. Brilliant post. . . undies, sexy or normal, are meant to be worn - Enjoy!

  5. Hope you are now the proud owner of a shiny new washing machine!
    I don't keep stuff for best, things get broken and wear out, but better than sitting in a cupboard gathering dust.

  6. Thanks for the follow Sandy. Great post...how lovely it is to feel like that. The trouble is if we did do things all the time or wear our best clothes then the little 'thrill' of excitement would probably go unfortunately.
    I hope your washing machine did turn up today.

  7. Love it! Might have to take your advice, but better go shopping first...

  8. Hope your hubby appreciated it! My mum sent me sexy undies for Christmas (!), my husband was grateful, since like you I usually stick to plain ones these days!

  9. You have inspired me. I am going to have a good rummage about at the back of the drawer, so to speak.

  10. I burst out laughing when I came to "the Val Doonican look" - hilarious!

  11. My knickers are EMBARRASSINGLY tatty and horribly. And I'm still in nursing bras that are two sizes too big and looking rather grey...

    Right. I'm updating my underwear. You have inspired me!

    (and a *wit woo* whistle for your sexy undies - you go girl!) x

  12. Tup Tup Toys, I have to say some of my pre-pregnancy bras must have shrunk on the wash! The washing machine arrived and is working!!

    Dawn, I hadn't thought of that! Isn't it Justin Timberlake that only wears a pair of pants once?!!

    The Mad House, it's tricky because I always like to have a newish pair of jeans and a few tops just for going out - not that I go out much!

    Erin, thanks, you're so right!

    Make Do Mum, it arrived! It's lovely. It has millions of settings and I have chosen the one that I will use for everything!

    Nova, it's lovely to see you here in the blogging world after following you all this time on Twitter :-) I guess the special occasion would be if I let Andy see! Yes, it arrived, thank goodness.

  13. Bumbling Along, the sales are still on :-)

    Geekymummy, he did! My Mum bought me some fancy pants once. It felt a bit ew!

    Hearth-Mother, happy rummaging ;-)

    Mwa :-)

    Pamela, I couldn't think of anyone better in a cardi!

    Josie, thanks for the wit woo, I don't think I've ever had one before :-) I think it's too easy to keep wearing the same old stuff when you're a mum. As you showed in your lovely post, you're still a wife too x

  14. What a lovely post! And, you've inspired me to reach in to the back of my underwear drawer! Wait, that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean! LOL

  15. Karen, thanks. Excellent news - happy rummaging!


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