8 January 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The gorgeous Wife of Bold tagged me in her happiness meme. The title is 'the ten best things in my life that are free'. I love the idea of this one.

So often I find myself inwardly complaining that life is tough, that I don't get enough sleep, that I have too much to do. It's good to reflect and think about what makes you happy. Like counting your blessings.

I struggled to cut my list down to ten, you will see from the last two that I bunched a few together.

  1. The smell of sweet peas. These remind me of my Grandad.
  2. Sleeping in clean sheets. This doesn't happen as often as it did Before Children.
  3. Singing. The louder the better, like noone's listening .
  4. A nice cup of tea and a sit down. Yes, I'm getting old.
  5. Loading the dishwasher. I pretend I'm on The Krypton Factor. It will all go in. It will.
  6. The Flaming Lips. I never get tired of listening to 'The Soft Bulletin' in particular. I went to see them last year, for the third time. I envy people seeing them live for the first time. It is an amazing experience.
  7. Long Summer evenings. Sitting in the garden until it eventually gets dark. Feeling the gentle, cooling breeze in your arms. The delicate scent of Summer blooms and cut grass.
  8. Doing the Rubik's Cube. Andy found one out today for the boys to play with. I learnt how to do it when I was ten. I felt my age today when I realised I'd been able to do this for nearly thirty years. I still got a great deal of satisfaction as I made the last few turns and saw the colours come together.
  9. My husband. Andy totally gets me. With him I can relax and be myself. I'm comfortable, safe and loved. He makes me happy.
  10. My children. They amaze and delight me every day. Their personalities are developing along with their speech and movement. They are cute, especially when they play together, and they bowl me over with kisses and cuddles. They make me happy.

I'm very lucky.

The photograph above is me, bursting with happiness, about to give Presley his first bath.

I'm passing this meme on to ten bloggers, most of whom are new to me - all members of Judith's Room. Finding fabulous new blogs to read should probably replace the Rubik's Cube on my list as I probably won't do it again for another few years!




  1. A lovely list, I like the smell of sweet peas too and don't summer evenings seem such a world away at the moment. X

  2. A wonderful list. I am with you on the sweet peas, we grow them every year and I love to wash the pots and smell them, breath them in. My graddad also grew them too, for me, his sweet pea.

    Rubix cubes always baffled me though!!

  3. Thanks for the tag! Will do mine tomorrow x

  4. Thanks for the tag Sandy! I'll have to give this some thought.

  5. I never had the patience to do a rubiks cube. Long summer evenings are the best!

    Thanks for tagging me!

  6. Think I must be getting old too. A nice cup of tea and a sit down, sounds perfect!

  7. What a fab post, thanks for sharing. I am fairly new to your blog and really enjoying it. Yep, clean sheets do it for me every time! Mich x

  8. Ah! So many upbeat things on your list that I can relate to and no your not getting old!

  9. Thanks for the tag - I like this one :-)

    What a beautiful photo of you, you really do look happy. Ah Rubik's Cube (we must be a similar age), Flaming Lips (melt! Never seen them live strangely), Tea (yesyesyes) and the kids, bless em.

    I'll enjoy this xx

  10. I remember seeing the Flaming Lips for the first time. It was at the Music Hall in Aberdeen and it was back in 1999, just around the time The Soft Bulletin came out. They were supporting Mercury Rev, who had just brought out Deserter's Songs, another all-time classic record. Unsurprisingly, this is still one of my favourite ever gigs!

  11. LoveLovely, I like these. Especially the sweet peas one, I'm going to start my sweet pea seeds on a windowsill in the next few weeks. Love the photo - but what did you look like after he'd had his bath? !

  12. Don't know what lovelovely means!

  13. I love your list. By the way, I'm looking back through my blogging year from when I started in March 09 and you were one of my first followers. Here's to great blogging and writing in 2010.

  14. Chic Mama,thanks! Yes, they seem a million miles away. Writing this made me think of your gratitude list. I may start doing them too x

    The Mad House, we've tried growing them, but only got a few blooms. Will try again this year. I was taught how to do the cube - there';s no way I could have worked it out!

    Baking Mad Mama, you're welcome :-) x

    Bumbling Along, happy thoughts I hope :-)

    Make Do Mum, long Summer evenings seem so far away! You're welcome for the tag :-)

    Tup Tup. but are we getting any wiser?!

    Mich, welcome and thanks! :-)

    Aly, thanks. I feel old!! :-)

    Weston-Super-Mum, thank you, I felt like a proper mum giving her baby a bath! I look forward to reading your answers. You should definitely see The Flaming Lips live, best gigs I've ever been to :-)

    Richard, I'm not surprised! Double whammy. I saw The Lips at Manchester Academy in November (I think you may have had your hands full then)! Brilliant, intimate venue. We stood at the front and got covered in confetti and filled with joy! I saw Mercury Rev in '02, that was a good gig too. Love live music!

    Emily, lovelovely is a lovelovely word! I'm determined to grow some decent sweet peas this year. After his bath I looked relieved that I hadn't dropped him in the water!

    Hot Cross Mum, thanks! I'm glad I followed you from the beginning - hate to think I'd missed out on anything! Yes, here's to 2010 :-)

  15. Clean sheets? I remember those! tagged you for the photo meme at mine.

  16. Laura, I can't get into them unless I've had a bath!

    Geeky Mummy, thank you, I was waiting for that one :-)

  17. Late as usual, but thank you so much for the tag Sandy! I will do this one this week - it should be an interesting one for me!

  18. Platespinner, looking forward to reading your list :-)


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