22 December 2014

Ho Ho Ho

I love Christmas. I try to enjoy the run up to the Big Day. After all, shopping, wrapping, decorating, crafting and baking are fun things to do. Sadly, when I put them on my daily to do lists they blend in with the other stuff on there: 'make wreath' sits between 'clean windows' and 'take car for service', and 'make gingerbread' gets buried somewhere in the PTA mountain.

What I am doing is spending less and less time online. I value the friendships I have made, particularly with other bloggers, and I love to see what's going on in Facebookland, but it's a massive distraction from my family. I want to spend the next couple of weeks with my husband and children. I don't just want to be in the same room, I want to be present. This means no laptop and no phone.

I'll set aside some time to shop the sales (if there's anything left), but the rest of the holidays will be devoted to fun, food, friends and family.

Wishing all my readers and online friends a spectacular festive season and a peaceful and healthy 2015.

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