16 March 2010

It's Carnival Time!

Welcome to the Best of the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival. This is a collection of the best posts from the last month submitted by members of BMB. If you would like to know more about this blogging carnival, or even offer to host one yourself, check out the schedule at A Modern Mother.

I hope you see something you like, if you do why don't you leave them a comment to let them know? You may find some new favourites in amongst some old favourites. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the entries and I hope you do too.

Baby Baby is delighted to be your host, so grab yourself a margarita or a cup of tea (if that's your cup of tea) and settle down to watch the parade!

The first float is for carnival virgins! This is their first time so please welcome them with open arms.

First up is Eggs Cream and Honey with her guilty pleasures. She thinks we shouldn't put a price on pleasure and as such gives us a recipe for toasted coconut custard tart to prove her point. Yum.

Wendy at No More Excuses writes about how little control we have over labour and what happens when your birth doesn't go to plan.

In Fantastic Fiction for Kids - Babysitting, Zoe at Playing by the Book gives us her usual brilliant ideas for themed crafts and activities for children based on books.

Nova from Cherished By Me stands up (very well) for the reluctant single mother in there's a chip on my shoulder.

I hope you're not too hungry because The Alice gives us her perfect pork belly recipe. Yum, again!

Chic Mama discusses the important subject of stress levels in children and the consequences.

Vic from Glowstars writes about getting back into a routine when you have a (gorgeous) new baby.

Finally, who knew that Gigi from MumsRock was a carnival virgin?! She writes about *whispers* Mumsnet, Janet Street Porter and pigeon-holes in for those of us that don't wear Boden.

Tim from Bringing Up Charlie gives us a fascinating history lesson in Mother's Day.

Have you thought about eating less meat? Helen at Cheeky Wipes is having a meat free March.

Jumbly Mummy at Mellow Mummy has some great advice for new parents to be, in particular her list of things to do while there's still two of you in passing on parenting tips.

Is there a plan B? writes a letter of resignation, telling her three children why mummy is no longer doing a proper job.

Liz at Living With Kids writes about the fear inside, about what we can and can not control as parents.

Do you believe in smacking? Joanne at Parentdish sparked a heated debate in the comments with this post.

There's more controversy from Carly at Wives and Daughters when she asks the question swine flu: to vaccinate or not?

Jax from Making It Up discusses friendships and socialisation in who are your friends?

Karin from Cafebebe has started a get fit campaign called mummy tummy begone and she's looking for support and advice.

In transitions: starting nursery, Cartside from Mummy Do That! writes about moving her daughter from a childminder to a nursery.

Nicola from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em tells us about her day and her son's version of events in selective memory syndrome.

Hot Cross Mum asks what's on your bottom step? In this house it's all my things, apparently!

Aqueela from Aqueela's House writes at Have a Lovely Time about her first holiday as a parent. This is something I've got to face sooner or later! There is some excellent advice in the comments on a first holiday with your baby isn't always great, what's your advice?

To find out how The Moiderer met her husband you have to read we got together because of bouncing potatoes

Poor Smurf, son of Lorraine from Ramblings of a Mum on the Run has missing you issues

You may need to get the tissues out, if you haven't already, as Sarah the Suburbanite talks about World Book Day, the first since her husband was killed in a bike accident. 

Linda from You've Got Your Hands Full wrote a guest post on Mummy Limited where she asks the question you don't have to say you love me... or do you?

Not Supermum shares her simple pleasures with us. Lovely.

You can read some really sweet powims written by Anna's six year old daughter, Ella, at Part Mummy Part Me.

Ella from Most/Least made me sigh with her beautiful post where does my time go?

You know this is going to be more than vaguely amusing, More Than Just a Mother takes her children supermarket shopping in self-service

Ellen at the wonderfully named In A Bun Dance listens in on a few phone calls in dial S for subtext

You'll never believe what you can buy from the supermarket in Lapland. Heather from Notes From Lapland reveals all in supermarket sex toys!

Miss Leslieanne at Life With a Little Dude tells us about the (delicious) dark side of baby-led weaning!

It's also dinnertime at A Place of My Own. Kelly has filmed her gorgeous baby Piran eating and blowing raspberries. :-)

Fraught Mummy from Brits in Bosnia turns her real day into an uber mummy day in the mistress of spin. This made me laugh and grimace in recognition. I do this!

This post will bring tears to your eyes, 20 Something Mum tells us why she'll never go on Masterchef!

Rachel at Strange & Beautiful rides a motobility scooter in life in the fast lane.

Tattie Weasle is feeling neglected and wonders why her husband can't be more like the leader of the free world?

Dinner's ready, or why Tiddlyompompom shouldn't be allowed in a kitchen!

Angels and Urchins writes a few (very funny) letters in dear little so-and-so, part 1

The Cat Herder from Balancing Books and Herding Cats regales us with her tale of fatties, flights and infestations.

In they blinded me with science, Emma from Mommy Has a Headache releases her 'inner old git' in a rant against technology.

Our final chuckle comes from Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? She's a nervous flyer, as she explains in clenching one's buttocks in the air.

Diney from Older Mums Are Fun wrote a bitter-sweet guest post over at Flying Start Magazine called role reversal about the child becoming the parent when their parent has dementia.

Insomniac Mummy shares with us in Fight or flight? Learning to live with panic attacks. There is some excellent advice in the comments to this post.

Andrea from The Accidental BusinessMum, writing in the Coventry Telegraph blog, From Dawn till Rusk, writes openly about her 8 year old son's bedwetting issues and how they have tackled them.

Sally from Who's the Mummy? writes a touching post about the two sides of adoption/fostering in Happy Mother's Day.

Did you hear about the shocking incident where a charity shop manager sprayed a breastfeeding mum with air-freshener? Emma from Me, The Man & The Baby responds brilliantly in breastfeeding.

Baking Mad Mama writes honestly about her acceptance of what life is throwing at her in better.

Notes To Self, Plus Two (And The Need For Red Shoes) tells us why she'll be going back to work after her baby is born in me, my job and a little baby: just to be clear.

Susan K Mann has written a short story called fear. It's scary. That is all!

Also on a creative theme, GeekyMummy from The Hair Dog Chronicles becomes VetMummy in a different life.

Elsie from Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes explains how she manages her time in busy rant.

I love this idea, Becky from Baby Budgeting tells us I went to a swishing party.

Rachel from Retro-Wife writes her own six-month appraisal, with help from her two children, and she's not doing a bad job at all.

Maggy has two blogs, on Red Ted Art she tells us if you feel you have too much to do, do more and on The Good Life Blog she shows us her shameful 8 year old jeans in a new pair!

Somebody help Bare Naked Mummy as she rants I hate clothes shopping!

Deb from Carrots and Kids writes beautifully about family life in mothering and gardening.

In Young and Younger, the Young Mummy of six month old twins talks about ideas of motherhood before and after children in a slave to routine.

Of course it wouldn't be a carnival without a carnival queen and it wouldn't be a BMB carnival without a mention of poo, so I bring you Queen Susanna from A Modern Mother with Is it just me? Do your kids flush?

Thank you for reading through to the end. I hope you have enjoyed this, my first carnival. Here is the entry from Baby Baby, called Angels and Demons.

If there are any errors or omissions please let me know and I'll correct them. I'm only human and 71 (count 'em, yes 71) entries is a lot of links to get right!



  1. OMG that's the mother of all carnivals! Respect to you for putting it together! xxx

  2. Thanks Sandy, for bringing more mentions of the daft Nephew and his pants to the masses. xxx

  3. Can there be two carnival queens? If so, I think you deserve to wear the tiara!

    Great collection!

  4. Wow-eee. That is the mother and baby of all carnivals. Amazing work. Well done you! xx

  5. Wow! Well done Sandy!

    What a fab collection!


  6. Wow! Thats an amazing collection! Found some gret new blogs to follow! Thanks Sandy :D

  7. SEVENTY! Wow, that is huge. I'm going to be here ALL day. Looking forward to reading some new blogs. Thanks Sandy for organising this. xx

  8. Looks like lots of interesting reads in there, thanks Sandy, and thanks for including my post about the Brian Potter-mobile!!! xx

  9. Well done Sandy, I think the headings is a great idea. Love how you've done them too! I've read some of these posts but there are lots I haven't so will be coming back to read them. Thanks for including me and putting it together!

  10. Love the pics you've done! Now if I could just lose the children for the day and I can get reading ;)

  11. It's a whopper all right! Well done you, and thanks for some great reading. And thanks also for including my Dear Little So and Sos!

  12. You are supermum, it's offical to have done all that when you are ill and when your little ones are ill. You win the title. Well done that is fantastic. xx

  13. Thats amazing I thought the one I did was big but wow! Thank you for all the hard work I know it takes to put it together x

  14. OMG, that's a lot for you to do. Thank you for including me. I look forward to reading all these new posts. :0) x

  15. thank you for including me - you must have worked so hard. This is a fantastic selection of great blogs x

  16. Amazing! You've put the whole thing together so beautifully, it must have taken you ages. Thank you for taking so much care with everything, just brilliantly done.

  17. holy cow woman, that's a lot of posts there! Well done you for putting it together, it must have taken you ages! Shall go and put the kettle on and have a read.

  18. 71 is a right party! Ta so much.
    p.s. Mr A has a big head now he's heard what you've got to say about him.

  19. Wow, that is a lot of posts, thanks so much for putting it all together, now I am off to read some os the posts that I may have missed.

  20. Thanks for that - marvellous carnival - I was a carnival virgin too!!!
    Reading my way through everything now!!

  21. Just the thought of having to do all those hyperlinks has given me a headache! Thanks for including my post. Off to read some of the others now!

  22. I've got out of the habit of posting for carnivals but should get back in the ring after seeing all this lot, it's come such a long way, lovely to see all these great blogs here and hello everyone xx

  23. What a fabulous carnival, I really need to read these posts, I hope you haven't got RSI from all that time at the keyboard! xx

    Thank you so much for including the posts from various blogs I have something to do with and thank you a million times over for helping to spread the word about Nicki's story on Breaking the Silence, a story that had to be told to jolt the likes of me into reality. x

  24. Phew that must have taken some putting together! Will enjoy working my way through them x

  25. What a great job you did. My the next carnival, I should be finished reading all of these.

  26. Wow, Sandy, that's a huge number. Love the headings. There are an awful lot here that I haven't read. Going to have to bookmark this and come back over the next week or so, I think. I may need to use the carnival instead of my Reader, in fact, as I always just end up 'marking all as read'.

    Thanks for putting this together - it must have been some task!

  27. Gosh, that looks like such a lot of work but I love how you presented it, makes it easier to find some good reads.

    Thank you and thanks for including me xx

  28. wow sandy you are amazing and i'm so sorry i forgot to contribute, my brain is so forgetful at the moment. xxx

  29. Wow, that is some carnival! Well done on putting it together and thanks for including me.

  30. Awesome job! thanks for including my post. Off to get a brew and read the others. It may take some time...

  31. Wow, Wow, Wow!! Well done Sandy - what a marathon!! I will enjoy going through them.

  32. Wow, a tour de force and I love the labels. I won't get any work done tomorrow peeking though all these (shh!)

  33. Liz, thank you x

    20 Something Mum, you're welcome x

    The Dotterel, aw, thanks. If I'd known you were going to be the only daddy blogger in attendance I'd have made you your own (blue) float!

    Hot Cross Mum, thank you x

    Insomniac Mummy, thank you x

  34. Hayley, excellent :-)

    Fraught Mummy, my pleasure x

    Rachel, you're welcome, it's a very funny post! x

    Emily, glad you like them x

    Ella, thank you. That's the trouble! x

  35. Angels & Urchins, thank you, I loved your dear little so and so post x

    Susan, aw, luckily I had superdad to look after them while I put it together! x

    New Mummy, thank you :-) x

    Chic Mama, you're welcome x

    Diney, it is a good one, not a bad post in all the 71! x

  36. Not Supermum, aw thank you, I'm blushing x

    Heather, thank you, it is quite a big one ;-) x

    Glowstars, a huge party! PS He deserves it x

    Lorraine, thank you x

    BNM, sorry, I put you on the wrong float! x

  37. Baking Mad Mama, I got a rhythm going by the end! x

    Nixdminx, definitely the more the merrier x

    Linda, thank you. No RSI, but the laptop started complaining when I opened 50 blogs at once! You're welcome. Thank you for the links to some great posts (especially Nickie's) x

    Muummmmeeeee, it did! Enjoy :-) x

    Susie, aw, thanks :-) x

  38. Tasha, it's hard to keep up with so many wonderful blogs x

    Deb, thank you and you're welcome x

    Amy, you have a very good excuse! x

    Kelly, you're welcome x

    Tiddlyompompom, I love your name, makes me chuckle every time I type it. Thank you and you're welcome x

  39. Nadine, thank you, it took a little effort! x

    Geeky Mummy, Thank you. I won't say a word! x

  40. Oh heck Sandy I just saw this I was awol on the 16th of March with a Massive depressive episode I am SOOOO sorry and thank you as well. I love the way you did this carnival so pretty and clever! What must you think of me!

  41. Tattie, absolutely no need to apologise. I just hope you're feeling better x


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