3 March 2010

The Gallery: Beauty!

The fabulous Tara at Sticky Fingers has started a new blog feature called The Gallery

Each week she encourages you to take a photograph on a chosen theme. This week it's beauty.

My first choice of subject on the theme of beauty would be my children. I have chosen not to show their faces on Baby Baby, so that ruled them out. Then I thought about the natural world, but it was dark when I wanted to take my photographs.

So I looked around me and happened to see my birthday chocolates. I really looked at them and thought, what the heck, they are a thing of beauty! Also I wanted to test my new camera. So here is my idea of beauty:

And yes, they taste as good as they look!



  1. Ha ha. Are you teasing us Sandy?
    Ooo and a new camera - you'll be taking photos of EVERYTHING!
    Thanks so much for joining in. And you're so right, chocolate is a wondrous thing of beauty x

  2. you really are a woman after my own heart!

  3. Definitely things of beauty.
    I'm concerned though- your birthday was atleast a week ago, and you still have that many chocolates??!

  4. Oooo, yum yum yum. Chocolate (wandering off to raid the kitchen and see what we have lurking at the back of the fridge, I might be lucky!)

  5. Mmmm, they really are a thing of beauty! I need chocolate now!!

  6. A cibe of chocolate would be beauty to me....but a box!!! Heaven! ;0) x

  7. That was supposed to be a cube!!! Of course

  8. I am sitting here with my post dinner cup of tea...and they are so what I want right now!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. mmmm, is this the Paris collection? I got these for Valentines!I've tagged you over at my blog, it's a really big issue, I hope you'll take part and play.

  10. OK, that is just evil, I'm salivating on my computer! Send those to me right now!

    Nice pictures, have fun with your camera.

  11. They certainly are a thing of beauty, LOL

    CJ xx

  12. yum yum I want them now!

  13. My diet for today has now ended as just have to raid the chocolate drawer now!

  14. Tara, yes, look at these chocolates... that you can't have! I haven't been that impressed with our new camera, but I was pleased with how these came out. Can't wait until next week x

    Heather, they are gorgeous, aren't they?!

    Little Dude's Mummy, I know. I did have a lot, but they've all gone now :-( x

    Fraught Mummy, I hope you found something! :-)

    The Mad House, indeed they were :-)

  15. Trish, sorry! :-)

    Photo Puddle, I think they're beautiful too!

    Nova, I know, a whole box! x

    Charis, I hope you had some chocolate in the house! :-)

    Nickie, oh yes! :-)

  16. All Grown Up, spot on, there were Paris - aren't they wonderful?! Thanks for the tag. I will read up on it x

    Geeky Mummy, sorry! ;-)

    CJ, I think so too :-) x

    B, they were VERY good! :-)

    Diney, sorry! x


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