23 March 2010

Where's My Mansion?

Andy and I often joke about what our boys will be when they grow up.

Our most popular fantasy is for Presley to be captain of the England football team. He would be a brilliantly creative player, he would be highly respected and he would be a fantastic role model. He would score the winning goal in the World Cup Final and lift the Jules Rimet trophy. Andy and I would be watching, grey-haired, with tears in our eyes. The camera would land on us and the commentator would say 'and there are Presley's proud parents. Thank you Mr and Mrs Calico.'

So what steps have we taken to make this dream a reality? We encourage him to kick a ball with both feet. We've looked at mansions in Alderley Edge*. That's about it!

*We haven't.

What about Cash? He's a natural comedian, but I don't see him in the spotlight. Perhaps he'll start off as a stand-up comedian, win the Perrier award at the Edinburgh Fringe and make a TV special. Then he'll go to Africa for Comic Relief and decide to stay there to help the poor.

They're never too young to learn about the world of work.

Here is Presley answering the telephone in Andy's office.

Of course we paid him!

In reality I expect the boys may have inherited their parents' academic intelligence. They'll probably go to university. They may have professional careers, they may be artists or mechanics.

I really don't care what they do. I'll encourage them and support their choices.

I just want them to be happy and healthy. That is all.

This post was written for the Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop. This week I chose prompt no.3 What do you secretly dream of your children doing?



  1. Don't you find it wonderful just wondering what they will be when they grow up? I love to look at my kids personalities and imagine the perfect job for them. My girls are currently going through a phase where they like to talk about what they will be when they grow up , my eldest is consistent in her wanting to be a mummy (which i think would suit her, she is a little mummy already) and my 3 year old mostly wants to be a ballerina (even though she dropped out of ballet lessons lol ) but also wants to be a Airplane and Fire engine driver. I

  2. This is a lovely post! :) I'm yet to think about Oli's future - I've been putting money aside for University and also bribe money* to make him want to go/stay!
    *I'm joking about the bribe - if he doesn't want to go , I will be happy and support him no matter what! :) x

  3. I am so with you on this, as I have posted before it is all about being content in whatever they choose

  4. Cute photos. I love the football shirt. You never know where things will lead. Life has a funny way of surprising us. You may end up being a footie mum in a mansion yet!

  5. My brother won the Perrier award at Edinburgh. (seriously, he really did). He's not gone to Africa with comic relief yet, and the reaction of our family to his unexpected victory was -inevitably - Does someone really find you funny? (no we were very proud of him, just never thought of him as a comedian before...)

    My eldest will be playing beside Presley. My youngest will be lifting the rugby world cup after doing his best Martin Johnson impersonation...

  6. Am so out of touch with the writing workshops at the moment, I love this theme!
    Great post, love that you've even imagined what awards they'll win. Am going to post mine tomorrow!

  7. Hmmm, that doesn't look like minimum wage *calls the authorities* It's only natural to have aspirations for your children and it is fun thinking about what they might do (K switched the telly to the Politics Show the other day = future prime minister!) I hope they get you your mansion :)

  8. Loved this! Mine is 33 so I know what he 'is going to be when he grows up'. However, he may change his mind. The world is his oyster & like you, I'm proud of everything he does!


  9. You're right of course so long as they are healthy and happy that is all that matters...if they do make it all the better.
    I'm lucky in as much I have two grown kids, neither having 'made it' but living happy lives and two cherubs to watch growing all over again adn wonder what they'll do nad where they'll be when they're older :)

  10. Laura, aw, how lovely that they have been talking about what they want to do. So many possibilities :-)

    Emma, We've been thinking about funds for university, we'll never have enough! On the other hand, I've also said that they're never leaving me! x

    The Mad House, yes, absolutely right x

    Rosie, I'm not quite so keen on the football shirt (Daddy's influence). You never know, we may get a mansion one day! x

    Fraught Mummy, oh how funny! That's wonderful, you'll have to let me know who he is. Football, rugby, tennis, golf, I'm not fussed! x

  11. Baby Genie, it's great, you can let your imagination run wild! x

    Muddling Along, I think so :-) x

    Magic Mummy, thank you :-)

    Make Do Mum, ah well, he didn't do the full hour! x

    JFB, oh, that's lovely :-)

    Mari, happiness is so important. How exciting for you to be doing it all again! x

  12. LOVE those photos!

    You're far more generous than me. Healthy and happy?! Pah - I want to be looked after in my old age!! He better be rich dammit!!

    (I'm kidding...)
    ;) x

  13. Josie, yeah, but rich would be good too ;-) x


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