24 March 2010

Review: Hotter Shoes

You see an email in your inbox from a PR friend (Jacqueline at McCann) entitled 'SHOES!'. Do you:

a) Delete it - flippin' PR nonsense.
b) Ignore it - another PR email - yawn.
c) Open it immediately shouting to whoever is in the vicinity 'FREE SHOES!'.

In this house the answer is, of course, c)

The shoes are available online from www.hottershoes.com.

Hotter Shoes are a British company based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire (just down the road from me) that focus on the manufacturing of comfortable shoes. They have developed their own ‘Comfort Concept’ technology in the sole of the shoe that injects millions of tiny air bubbles to make a very light weight shoe. They also have a deep toe bed so that toes can move easily and flex out and concealed padding to offer even more comfort.

I'll say at this point that Andy is confused about women's shoes. He thought comfort wasn't important. He bases this on the fact that we once had to get a taxi to take us a few hundred metres from our restaurant to our hotel because I could not take another step in my sexy new Roberto Cavalli shoes. I was in agony.

Since having children (and walking miles pushing them up and down hills every day) I now appreciate comfort and spend a lot of time in trainers!

The Hotter Shoes website navigation was excellent. There are plenty of shoes to chose from, although I have to say that a lot of the designs are aimed at the *ahem* more mature shoe wearer. 

I chose the Vista, an adjustable strap sporty sandal. In the write up they call it an 'action sandal', this made me chuckle. I usually buy a pair of 'action sandals' to wear all Summer.

When my new sandals arrived, in excellent condition, I had to wait for the boys to try them before I got a chance to put them on!

This is what an 'action sandal' looks like:

They are available in four other colours, beige, khaki, pink and red. They are £49, which is perfectly reasonable for an 'action sandal'. Most of the Hotter Shoes are £50 and upwards. This is expensive, but you have to pay for quality and - dare I say it - comfort.

We've had a few sunny days, so I've been out and about in my new 'action sandals'. I can happily tell you that no taxis were required. They are unbelievably comfortable, light and so so soft.

I'll be living in my action sandals this year and hopefully next year too.

Hotter Shoes get the Baby Baby two thumbs up (I would design a 'Baby Baby two thumbs up' badge if I knew how)!



  1. I have been writing my review today and I havnt had mine off my feet for nearly 2 weeks I love them. Inly issue is my friend Wendy new they were Hotter shoes from the min she saw them nad she is mid 60's!

  2. I still live in hope than someone will send me David Tennant to review. I would be VERY thorough in my research.

  3. I was selfish and got a pair of boots just for me! My review is going up next week, such good shoes though

  4. The Mad House, I don't know about you, but I'd never heard of them before I got the email. That's a good thing, I think!

    Auntie Gwen, OH YES, NOW YOU'RE TALKING!

    New Mummy, looking forward to hearing about the boots x

  5. I've read about these and am going to pass the details onto my Mum - she's in desperate need of comfortable shoes. For me, I'll keep to my walking boots for walking and my silly heels whilst I still can - I like my pretty shoes a bit more than comfort (but I do walk around the office barefoot)

  6. Muddling Along, I always had my shoes off under the desk! I hope your mum likes her shoes x

  7. Hi there, I came across your review via Google and I hope you don't mind me commenting. I just wanted to share my recent experience with Hotter to warn people that, unfortunately, they've gone downhill! The quality of the shoes I purchased is appalling and the customer service is dreadful :( Having come across recent reviews online, it seems I'm not the only one having trouble with them.

  8. Emily, thank you for taking the time to comment. What a shame you had a bad experience, sorry to hear that.


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