14 March 2010

For a Million Mums

Happy Mothers' Day.

Thinking of mothers and mothers-to-be.

Thinking of those who have no one to send a card to.

Thinking of those who won't be getting a card.


I'm proud to have a piece included in the new Mummo Magazine, published today. The whole magazine has been beautifully put together and is a great read. You may recognise some fellow bloggers in there.

Mummo Magazine celebrates Mothers' Day and aims to raise awareness of the Million Mums campaign. It only takes a minute to join a Million Mums and it's free.


I did rather well, if you gloss over the fact that I didn't get a lie in and I'm worried sick about anyone in the Baby Baby household being sick!

 The boys chose me some lovely flowers, with a bee in the bunch.

Presley made me this card.

Cash made me this card.

I hope you're all having a lovely day x


  1. Happy Mothers Day Sandy! x

  2. Happy mothers day - those are lovely cards

  3. Happy Mother's Day. Great cards - very modern art!

  4. Those cards are fantastic! What artists they are. Happy mothers' day x

  5. Baking Mad Mama, thank you and to you too x

    Muddling Along, and to you. I was over the moon with them :-)

    Photopuddle, thank you, and to you. Yes, they are rather abstract!

    Young Mummy, I think so too. I hope your two made the effort ;-) Happy first mothers' day to you x


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