10 March 2010

The Gallery: Two

I have been lacking in imagination this week, so my submission for the Sticky Fingers Gallery is a bit predictable. The theme this week was 'numbers'.

I have chosen the number two, for my two sons, Presley and Cash.

Since I started Baby Baby and made the decision not to show the boys' faces, I have taken a lot of photographs of the backs of their heads! I'm always on the lookout for a photo opportunity.

I took this shot yesterday of my two little men, sitting in the kitchen. I think they look cute, even from the back.



  1. They are so cute. Great picture. xx

  2. Aww! A lovely photo, makes me want to ruffle their hair!

  3. Yes, I agree with the other ladies cuddles and hugs in store. :)

  4. Lovely! They are like two peas in a pod (well from the back at least!)

  5. Your right Sandy they do look cute, even from the back...lovely photo.

  6. Very sweet, little blond boys.
    Butter wouldn't melt, eh??
    x jo

  7. Is it my imagination, or are they growing closer together in age?

  8. You're right they do look cute even from the back. Such gorgeous colour hair.
    Best not show their faces, a whole internet worth of women would do a collection 'awwww'!

  9. So cute, they look inseperable!

  10. predictable, maybe, gorgeous? definitely :)

    Hope they're feeling better xx

  11. Susan, they're even cuter from the front!. Thanks x

    Brighton Mum, I do that all the time!

    Mari, yes, they get plenty of those :-)

    Make Do Mum, a lot of people think they look very similar from the front, but I can't see it!

    Lorraine, thank you :-)

  12. Jo, most of the time!! :-)

    Kim, there's more of a difference when they stand up, Presley has long legs! x

    Tara, that and I like to keep them to myself! :-)

    Solveig, thank you :-)

    Baby Genie, they are. Sometimes I think they would both like a bit of space!

  13. Little Dude's Mum, thank you :-) I think we're all better now! x


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