21 March 2010

The Gallery: Me

The theme of the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is ME!

I was thinking about taking a self-portrait and placing some items that are important to me in the shot, like an old-fashioned painted portrait. While I was mulling over which items I would include, that would tell you a bit about me, Andy took this shot. This photograph sums me up. This is me.



  1. Awww, sweet. I had a similar idea. My children are me....my life is my children. x

  2. love it :) story time is the only time my daughter sits still!

    i've tagged you in the happiness meme over at mine if you fancy it http://wherethebrassbandsplay.com/2010/03/if-youre-happy-and-you-know-it/

  3. This is lovely :)
    A perfect moment captured forever- those are the best kind of photos :) xx

  4. Um, actually I think that is me!

  5. Sandy, are you sure that is not me!!

  6. That is a lovely picture Sandy. xx

  7. Sweet! What lovely clean shiny hair you all have!

  8. Reading a story with a pile of toys at my feet..yup, often there myself!

  9. Nova, awm absolutely :-) x

    Tiddlyompompom, I feel like a proper mum when I read them stories! Thanks for the tag x

    Fraught Mummy, thank you x

    Littledude's mum, thank you. I know what you mean. We don't photograph enough every day things x

    Capital Mom, it's nice to be us! x

  10. The Mad House, quite possibly! x

    Sian, thank you x

    Geeky Mummy, well, that was a fluke! x

    Kath, the toys were quote tidy, for us! x

    Modern Dilemma, thank you x

    If I could escape..., thank you x

  11. Aw, Sandy...that's so lovely. What a precious moment to capture. I've wanted to do that with my hubby actually. He HAS to read a story to Little Miss every night before I HAVE to feed her her bottle. It's a very special time for the two of them that they don't often get otherwise. Lovely! ;)

  12. Lovely photo Sandy! Reading with my boy is one of my favourite parts of being a mummy.

  13. Karin, Andy's the same, he reads to Presley every night. I listen to them on the monitor after I put Cash to bed! x

    Baking Mad Mama, it's the best :-) x


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