8 March 2010

Review: Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid

Last year I tested and reviewed Ecover household cleaning products. The lovely Melita from Bray Leino emailed me recently to ask if I would like to try Ecover's new concentrated laundry liquid. I asked to try the non bio version.

I already use non bio concentrated laundry liquid, so this would be a direct comparison. Concentrated liquids require less packaging and less transport miles and give you more washes per bottle.

I liked:

  • The clean smell. It's not an over-powering floral or soapy smell and it doesn't linger on the washing.
  • The packaging, particularly the measuring cap. No drips or messy lids here.
  • The washing. All perfectly clean (and boy do my children know how to get their clothes dirty)!
  • The green credentials: no optical brighteners, no phosphates and no petrochemical-based surfactants.
  • I have sensitive skin and had no reaction to this gentle product.

I didn't like:

  • It's currently only available at Waitrose and Ocado, although Ecover are working on this.
  • It's slightly more expensive than Fairy or Persil. Ecover is £5.69 for 750ml or 21 washes. Fairy is £4.49 for 740ml and Persil is £4.18 for 730ml. (Prices taken from Ocado.com today).

Would I buy it?
  • Yes. In line with us trying to be more eco-friendly I will be using Ecover for my laundry as well as my washing up and cleaning.



  1. I usually use the non concentrated ecover and would like to try this but unfortunately we don't have Waitrose up here in the highlands of Scotland. So try and find some new supplers ecover

  2. This was a very good review, I've never used it but I actually like the lingering smell on the laundry! I use Lenor and it's quite strong.

    CJ xx

  3. Hi Sandy, You might not believe this would be of interest to me but as a househusband and dad to four young children it's exactly the sort of thing that interests me.
    I haven't used non-bio since our youngest was a baby and frankly I'm not confident that non-bios do the job on the tough stains, but on the back of what you've said here I'd be tempted to give it a try. Trouble is the nearest Waitrose is miles away!!! :(


  4. What a brilliant review Sandy. I love the fact that you have mentioned prices and availability and that you have given the pros as well as the cons. It sounds a little expensive to me although I like the sound of the product. Perhaps that's why it is only available at Waitrose! There must be a reason why Tesco and Sainsbury's don't stock it. I always like to analyse these things (probably because I have a degree in Retail Management!!)

  5. Linda, I have passed this on to them, they've said they're working on it!

    CJ, thank you. I haven't used fabric softener for years, I don't notice the difference any more! x

    Dave, It's rare that our washing machine has a day off! There is a bio alternative, but the same issues apply re limited suppliers. They are working on it! :-)

    Rosie, thank you :-) I hope they do start stocking it in the other supermarkets. Ocado price match with Tesco! x

  6. I love the concept of Ecover cleaning products. It's good to see European businesses driving concientious causes forward.


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