13 March 2010

This Too Shall Pass

The mummy mantra: this too shall pass.

I've said this a lot this week. Both boys have been ill and then I was ill. It's been a tough week.

On Tuesday night, at midnight, Andy and I were just about to go to bed. We heard shuffling coming from Presley's monitor, followed by a strange noise and then screaming. He had been sick. We cleaned him up and changed the bed and loaded the washing machine. We took Presley downstairs and arranged towels around him.

The poor thing was sick several times. Now he's two and a half he's much more aware of what is happening to him. He knew he was going to be sick. He put his hand over his mouth and screamed 'no'. My poor baby. It's heartbreaking to see your children in such discomfort.

We heard moaning coming from Cash's monitor. We decided to bring him downstairs, to save his bedding and teddies from the washing machine. We did the right thing. Shortly afterwards Cash was sick. It was a slightly different experience for him as I don't think he is aware of the build up and seems to forget soon afterwards. He still screamed during, of course. 

Thoughts of dehydration and hospitals and drips ran through my mind. At what point to you worry, I mean really worry? Thankfully the boys' temperatures were normal and they had no other symptoms.

Once Presley had been puke-free for an hour Andy took him to bed while I stayed up with Cash. I finally got to bed at 4am. They were both up at 7am full of beans. This didn't last though and they were both sick again in the afternoon. It was hard to explain to Cash why he wasn't having his bedtime milk. Luckily they slept all night.

On Thursday morning I gave Cash his morning milk. An hour and a half later he projectile vomited all over me. We both sat, dripping with regurgitated milk, neither of us knew quite what to do.

We spent the day in our pyjamas drinking water and eating bland food (dry toast,  rice cakes,cereal bars, breadsticks and bananas). The boys were listless. They had no energy. We sat and cuddled in front of CBeebies. It was miserable. I wanted my happy boys back. I wanted to take them outside.

Thursday night I was sick. All night.

Luckily Andy was able to take Friday off work so I could try to get some sleep in the morning. The boys were still under the weather, but thankfully had stopped being sick. It was another day of water, bland food and sitting around in pyjamas. Neither of us had the energy to give the boys a bath - again. 

So here we are. It's Saturday. Everyone feels better. We got through it. It passed.

My heart goes out to all parents with seriously ill children, How do they cope with the fear and worry? How do they carry on? How do they keep life 'normal' for the siblings that aren't ill? Is the mummy mantra enough? What else do they have?

It's now Saturday night and I spoke too soon. Presley has been sick again this afternoon, several times, but not for the past ninety minutes. He has kept some water down so Andy is now taking him to bed.

This too shall pass.



  1. I find vomitting really hard to deal with in little ones, now that mine are that tiny bit older, they are happier to be sick in a bowl, which does make life much easier. But we ended up having the washer on for what felt like a week inthe aftermath.

    Children are really resiliant, yes they get pretty poorly, but the bounce back really well

  2. That is awful. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. There is nothing worse then being sick and the kids being sick. At least there was a bit of a delay with all of you.
    Get better soon!

  3. Hoping it's definitely passed now and you're all feeling better.
    The madhouse is right - getting them to throw up in a bowl does make it easier - just make sure the bowl's big enough.

  4. Glad to hear you're all on the mend, being sick yourself is a nightmare but watching your babies being ill is horrible. You just wish for them to be the noisy naughty things again! (And wonder if you'll remember that when they are!) I hope you all get to eat something very yummy soon. xxxx

  5. What a well timed post - currently going through this at the moment! Both boys have been vomiting since 11pm last night. They're completely miserable and the washing machine has been constantly on. I'm really worried baby girl will get it too, but she's been okay so far, touch wood. Just praying my husband and I don't get it! He's self-employed and doesn't get paid if he doesn't go into work. Glad you're all recovering now. You're right, I don't know how anyone copes with a seriously ill child. At least ours get better and are happy again.

  6. That bug is doing the rounds. We had it in our house last week, including standing in the middle of the kitchen floor being rained on by projectile vomit. It's awful seeing our little ones so sick, especially when they've no energy, it's quite scary. Wishing you all a speedy recovery x

  7. Sounds like an awful week. We've all had it too but luckily baby is too little to really know or be bothered by it. Must be so much harder when they are aware. Here's to a better week next week and thank goodness for Ceebebies!

  8. well I'm one of those mums and my mantra is 'at least we didn't end up in hospital' - it's just a different way of counting your blessing to get through each bout of illness :)

    We've had sickness all week too (not me yet, thankfully) and it's no fun at all. glad to hear you are all on the mend x

  9. Poor you, I've been there so many times and it's awful. I hope you are all recovered now. Take care. x

  10. Oh no, it is so sad when they feel so sick. Geekgirl remembers still a time when she threw up all overherself in her stroller, over a year later she talks about it.

    Here we have these pedialyte ice pops that are good for preventing deyhdration, they feel like a treat for the kids too.

    Get well, baby baby household!

  11. Poor you. That's a horrible time you've had. It was bad enough in this house when daughter and I were ill two weekends apart!

    I don't know how those other mums cope with permanently ill children - one of my colleagues knows that a cold could put her son in mortal danger - how do you live with that?

  12. It's a truly horrible bug. Like your youngest, my youngest was fine before and after being sick. We even managed to catch a couple of events in a bowl once we got home (it started when we were away in a hotel of all places). Glad you all got through it ok. We did end up in hospital because of dehydration concerns. Fortunately we didn't have to stay and and "this too did pass"

  13. I'm sorry you've had such a rough time.
    It is horrible when you see your little ones ill. :(

    I had the bug all the way through January, no sooner would I feel better, than I would be ill again. Luckily, the kids escaped it.

    Hope you're all better soon. x

  14. Oh no, what a horrible week. Sorry to hear Presley has been sick again.
    This Too Shall Pass is a fantastic Mummy Mantra though. My little one hasn't been well this week too. Nothing serious just a mixture of a cold and teething but she was terribly grotty and lost her appetite. I knew she'd get well again, she always does, but it felt like she was going to be forever grumpy and never eat again. She is better now and back to her normal bubbly self and the appetite is very much back. She won't stop eating! I am getting better at telling myself that it will pass but I think I will always be upset when my daughter is unwell. Hope everyone in your house is back to normal soon.

  15. Sounds like you've had an awful week, sorry to hear you've all been ill. It amazes me though how the little ones are often able to bounce back in a matter of hours while adults are left feeling horrendous for days! Hope you are all on the mend.

  16. urgh - vomiting children - I remember this so well :( It's not nice at all. Hope you're all feeling better soon x

  17. OH its horrible isnt it...we all had this same thing before xmas and it was a week of vomit! The bug started with Sam, then my husband, then me!! Poor Sam didnt know what was happening and after he was sick he would not let go of me for anything..all day and night.

    But you are right to say it will pass...and i hope you all feel better very soon xxxx

  18. Oh it was hard enough with Piran, I cannot imagine what it must be like with 2 boys. Also, he doesn't really understand so it doesn't upset him too much. I don't look forward to when this happens in the future.

  19. Oh no I hope it has now passed. We seem to have just got something similar - roll on Spring & the bugs dying off

  20. The Mad House, I know, they think the towel or the bowl is what's going to make them sick. Poor little things.

    Capital Mom, yes, I don't know what e'd have done if we were all sick at the same time!

    Glowstars, yes, a (big) bowl would be easier to clean!

    Kate, thank you. Thankfully we're back to running around again today!

    Emily, I saw your post. Poor thing and you've got a little baby as well. I hope you're all on the mend now too x

  21. Last of the Mojitos, it's awful, isn't it?! I hope you are all fully recovered now x

    Mummy Limited, oh dear. It seemed much worse for Presley because he remember more. x

    Ella, I was thinking of you when I wrote that paragraph. I hope you all get through it soon and without a trip to the hospital x

    Chic Mama, I think we're all better now, thank you x

    Geekymummy, thank you. Do they do the ice pops over here I wonder? x

  22. Working Mum, it was a bit like that with my late brother. Looking back to how my mum coped, I think we just carried on as normal where we could.

    The Moiderer, I think I'll have to try a bowl next time. Glad you all got through your 'event' x

    Beth, it's so difficult looking after your children when you're ill. You don't get any days off sick when you're a mum! x

    Photopuddle, I think we're back to normal, thanks. It does pass, but it's tough going through it. I find my boys regress to being babies when they're ill - poor little things x

    Baking Mad Mama, yes, at least they do bounce back quickly. I still ache from being ill! x

  23. Nickie, thank you, I think we're just about there! x

    Lou, poor Sam. Presley was very clingy too, they need that reassurance that you're there x

    Kelly, luckily Andy works from home so he could help me! x

    Muddling Along, hear hear. We've had this bug twice this Winter. Yuk. x


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