7 October 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Breast Cancer Awareness Month



  1. I would totally second this - get thee checked. Also a check out a great positive blog about dancing with Breast Cancer over at Bah to cancer http://bahtocancer.blogspot.com/, where I will be guesting on Monday and telling my story (for the first time ever)

  2. Couldn't agree more! I found a lump several months ago, had to go for tests etc. After having the fine needle biopsy I found it was non cancerous but it made me wake up and see things differently.

    I am now a volenteer for Cancer Research - I want to make a difference.


  3. The Mad House, I'm following Bah to cancer and will be reading your story x

    Kirsty, I'm so glad your lump turned out to be non-cancerous. What a relief! What a great thing to do volunteering for Cancer Research. Good for you. x


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