24 October 2009

An Unholy Trinity

Presley was a few weeks old. I had just fed him and he'd been sick on me.

Then I heard a little squeak and realised there was some action the other end. As you can see from the photograph there was a lot of action the other end.

As I was changing him Presley peed on me. Thanks mate.

I now had sick, poo and pee on my scrape-the-bottom-of-the-pyjama-barrel pyjamas.

The joys of parenthood :-)



  1. Oo lovely! My second one was 8 weeks old when he did this while I was feeding him at my friend's wedding. Luckily I had a change of clothes for him but the toilets were tiny and very busy. When you pulled the changing table down it was in the way. Those lucky wedding guests having to watch (and smell...) me clean him up!

  2. Been there :D

    Little E treated me to a 'necker' just this week.

    Ah the joys!


  3. Ha that's hilarious ... ok it probably wasn't for you at the time but it is reading your post now :-) x

  4. OH dear lol, that happens a lot round here too!

  5. Chrissy used to do that, but always waited until I'd got her dressed in a nice frilly dress and knickers first.

  6. I love the photo. ManiMad had bowel issues as a baby, so all poo's were like that we used to carry bags of clothes everywhere!!

  7. happy (yellow-poo) days.

    Thanks for your comment on me blog, Sandie, You are a love - I know what you're doing - and I'm very grateful.

    Yes, you have already told me a couple of times. and your judgement really matters x

  8. Everyone remembers times like that, but you have a PICTURE! That's just excellent.

  9. That pic is sooo funny and your face says it all. Oh the joys. I love reading your posts as I can relate so well haha xx

  10. lol! my pudding still does it now if she fills her nappy whilst sitting up yuck!!!

  11. Oh the joys. The worst place I've had to change one of those was on my knee on a bumpy ferry from Scotland to Ireland with lots of passengers getting sick all around us (from the bumpy crossing, not from the smell of the nappy... I think!).

  12. Liz, thanks, I wasn't laughing at the time!

    Sally, thanks. We try to record the significant events of their lives on camera :-)

    Whistlejacket, eww! At least there was a changing table!

    Insomniac Mummy, what's a 'necker'?!

    Frogs + Sprogs, I could almost see the funny side at the time!

    Laura, luckily my youngest is 13 months so we haven't had a leaky nappy for a while!

    20 Something Mum, oh yes, they choose their moments!

    The Mad House, oh no! We've had our fair share of bags and rinsing out clothes. Not much fun at all!

    Kim, baby yellow is so much better than anything you get once they start solid food! Oh and I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it x

    Mwa, of course we have a picture! I'll have to dig out the one of me covered in Cash's projectile vomit. That's a classic :-)

    Straw76berry, thanks, I like to share the joys!

    Amy, oh dear. I'm hoping we're past that now!

    Tartan Mummy, I take my hat off to you. I never mastered doing anything on my lap, let alone a leaky nappy!

  13. ah, such a beautiful (and fragrant!) memory! :)

  14. Leslieanne, yes and the photo brings it all back!

  15. oh i remember that! it's so long ago and i don't really have pictures with anything like that...funny enough i wish i did!

  16. Otilia, perhaps we shouldn't have taken photographs! :-)


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