29 October 2009

I Know My Place

Last night I asked Presley for a goodnight kiss before Andy took him up to bed.

He kissed his beloved Jessie Cat goodnight...

He kissed Percy goodnight...
He kissed his fire engine goodnight...

He even kissed his In The Night Garden book goodnight...

'Presley, can Mummy have a kiss?', I asked.

'No', he said.

I know my place.



  1. I get this all the time. It can be upsetting sometimes. Good to know it's not just my daughter though :)

  2. LOL ... those who ask don't get!!! :D xxx

  3. How fickle our children can be. If I ask I tend not to get too!!!

  4. I go for the kiss and don't let them get away from me until I get one. I'm so at the bottom of the pile as well, until they've hurt themselves!

  5. Apparently your place is in the same place as my place. I'm lucky if I get a cuddle any more.

  6. You should learn the "no kiss, no dessert" and the "no kiss, no playground". Good moves!

  7. He really loves you - all boys love their mums. He's just showing off!

  8. Lady Mama, I know! I got one in the emd though!

    Aingeal, I was hurt the first few times he did it, but he usually comes round in the end!

    Then There Were Three, hehe, very true! x

    The Mad House, I think I'll try asking more open questions, like can I have a kiss OR a cuddle?!

    Fraught Mummy, yes, I always get my kiss too - eventually!

    Liz, aw, sometimes you just have to force it on them!

    Mwa, oh yes, threats! He's a little young to reason with, so I go for a bit of wrestling!

    Gaelikaa, I know he loves me, that's enough really :-)

  9. That's funny. Maybe he's saving his kisses for later and they'll all come at once!

  10. Rosie, I take them when I can get them! :-)


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