14 October 2009

Proud to be Meme

Thanks to the lovely Linda at You've got your hands full for tagging me with the 'proud to be meme'. You can listen to Heather Small singing 'Proud' while you read if you like. Isn't youtube wonderful?!

I'm proud of so much in my life, but I also have a few not so proud skeletons lurking in the Calico closet. What do you mean you want to hear about those? No!

I' ll stick to listing five things that I'm proud of today:
  1. Presley walked to and from playgroup today. He held on to Cash's pushchair all the way and stopped patiently on the kerb as I taught him the Green Cross Code.
  2. At playgroup the boys were spectacularly well behaved, (if you ignore Presley trying to open the main door - my 'UH UH' cut through the hubbub and he walked sheepishly back). Today was the first time Presley asked to join the craft table. He glued some paper and felt on to a squirrel-shaped piece of paper. It's lovely *wipes away a tear*. Yes, child art work is still a novelty. Yes, it's going on the fridge!
  3. I managed not to pass out with the pain when Cash whacked me round the face with the potty. I saw stars. Unfortunately not the George Clooney/Johnny Depp kind of stars.
  4. We survived day five without CBeebies. I will write a post on this soon. Incidentally, our television was unplugged before the news report about the Aussies banning it for the under-twos. I just couldn't watch another episode of 'Big and Small'.
  5. I'm proud of being involved in all this blogging erm... stuff:
  • The Best of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival is being held by Antonia at Family Friendly Working.
  • A Mother's Secrets has a collection of posts on pregnancy lows.
  • I've written another Blogger Basics post for Carol at New Mummy's Tips, this time on adding images to posts.
  • I've reviewed the best children's dressing up costume in the world ever on the Great Toy Guide. If you're looking for a Halloween costume you'll find the best twelve here.
Now to pass the meme on to five unsuspecting bloggers, off the top of my head:

Consider yourselves tagged!



  1. Lovely post! You got wacked with a potty? That's funny!

  2. You've been a busy little bunny! xx

  3. You should be proud , you boys sound like fine young men :)

    Ouch with the potty though

  4. I've been following MummyMad's Blog... my weenies are Teens now but these Blogs bring it all back ! ( making new memories with teens now.. daughter bought her Freshers' party dress yesterday ...WOW !!!)

    Hadn't heard about CBeebies fuss...wassdatallabat ?

  5. Oh thanks for the meme - I have done it. Head potty - sounds painful

  6. Rosie, thanks. I didn't think I'd get much sympathy, but that potty did nearly knock the living daylights out of me. I'm just grateful it wasn't full!

    Mrs OMG, and so have you! x

    Laura, they are lovely. Ouch indeed!

    Bad Penny, welcome! They grow up so fast. My best friend's son was fifteen last month, she's still in shock! CBeebies is the BBC channel for pre-school children. The Australian Government are suggesting that TV should be banned for the under twos. Everything in moderation I think, but at the moment it's unplugged!

    The MadHouse, I'll go and have a look (Mrs Memory)! Head potty was very painful!!

  7. Ouch, a smack in the head with a potty does not sound like fun. However it does sound like the boys had fun at playgroup, and isn't childrens art wonderful!!!

  8. Oh those are things to be proud of. Glad you are OK after that smuck in the face!

  9. Hey Sandy, just dropped by to read your latest posts. Hope that potty didn't have anything in it when you were whacked with it! Eek! Take care. Julie.x

  10. Oh dear, potty-whacking sounds most painful, I hope you're ok.
    Isn't it lovely when they start listening to you and responding to what you're telling them?! The Bear is walking with me a lot more rather than being in the buggy, and every time we get to a road he stops and grabs my hand as he knows he has to wait till I give the go ahead and hold my hand as we cross.
    Also, you're my hero for giving up CBeebies. I've tuned most of it out now, although did find myself humming the Show Me Show Me theme song OUT LOUD in the supermarket earlier.

  11. I hear potty-whacking's being proposed for the 2012 Olympics, so you're in there! Another reason to be proud... And ta for the tag - I'll get round to it, honest. But you might need to nudge me just a little bit...

  12. Lorraine, my cheek bone is still sore! I love anything they make or draw :-)

    ModernMum, thanks :-)

    Julie, luckily the potty is for acclimatising purposes only at the moment!

    Barking Mad, yes, potty-whacking was pretty painful! It is lovely when they're well behaved, especially by the roadside! Out loud? Oh dear ;-)

    The Dotterel, ooh, now you're talking. I'll be so proud if potty-whacking becomes an Olympic sport. Cash would surely win a medal! You're welcome for the tag, it's there if the blogging muse leaves you one day :-)

  13. yup, that potty wacking really bums... I think we have all been there. Hope it wasnt full!

  14. Sian, thank goodness the potty was empty!! x


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