6 October 2009

Mummy Bloggers Meet at MOSI in Manchester

On Sunday Presley and I drove to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester to the British Mummy Bloggers Northern Meet up.

I was confident that we would enjoy meeting more Bloggers after the success of my Blogger Blind Date the week before.

Presley and I arrived early and had time for a look around the amazing MOSI. We would thoroughly recommend it and will be going back for a proper explore.

We all met in the cafe. The children played together and the Bloggers and their partners were able to have a chat. I managed to talk to everyone, albeit briefly. All Grown Up was there with her beautiful four week old baby. I resisted the temptation to ask for a cuddle, I feared my hormones would rise up and order me home to my husband immediately!

It was lovely to see Sally and Lindy again, wonderful to meet Josie and Parklover, and I was in awe of the Wife of Bold and Amy with their four daughters each, all behaving impeccably. Huge thanks to Amy for organising the event too.

Special thanks goes to NotSupermum who made sure Presley didn't get his roast dinner on his head at lunch time and who also emailed me the wonderful photograph she took of him playing.

After lunch there was a presentation from Silver Cross. They unveiled their snazzy new travel system. If I needed another pram this would be on my short list.

Silver Cross also revealed their new toy ranges. All the children were invited to play with them, Presley didn't need asking twice.

I proved that I only open my mouth to change feet by telling the Silver Cross rep that their toys looked like those you get in Mamas & Papas, but in a good way. The toys are lovely. Really. Oh dear.

Pretty soon after that I got my coat.

We had a fabulous time. If you're thinking about going to a British Mummy Bloggers meet up, I can thoroughly recommend it.


In other news.... I'm staggered to see Baby Baby at number 21 in the index of Top UK Parent Blogs. I don't know how it got there, but I'm delighted.


6a00e55455c9358833010535d725bb970c  Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival
And finally.... There's a carnival over at Conversations With Moms. Maria has kindly included one of my posts.



  1. I wish we could've made it. *Sob*

    Like the sound of those Silver Cross toys.


  2. I couldnt make it either, I think a North East mums meet is needed. I am right on the coast and Manchester is a real trek for me. York is doable, perhaps the National Railway Museum, which is great for Families. I am now getting past the baby toy stage and my last buggy is to go on e-bay soon. It is a sad state of affairs. CONGRATUALTIONS on making it to number 21

  3. thanks for coming and i glad you had a good time xx

  4. Sounds great fun. I hope there's another one planned.

  5. Insomniac Mummy, what a shame you couldn't make it, I was looking forward to meeting you. The toys were lovely!! x

    The Mad House, I think we should suggest to BMB that they have a NE meetup. My husband really wants to take the boys to the Railway Museum. I'm happy to sit in the cafe!! Thanks for the congrats x

    Amy, thanks again for organising, it was a great day x

    Rosie, I think the next one will be London. Would be lovely to meet you x


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