25 October 2009

Review: Ecover

I saw on British Mummy Bloggers that Melita from Bray Leino PR was looking for people to review Ecover products. I emailed her and was sent a trug containing everything I would need to do a thorough test of the new Ecover hard surface cleaning range against some of the UK's leading brands.

I've used Ecover washing up liquid for years so I was keen to try other Ecover products.

So far so good.

Then of course it hit me. I'll have to do some serious cleaning now!

These are the Ecover products and their petro-chemical competitors. The blurb is taken from the press release, with my comments in red:

  • Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner – RRP £2.84 (500ml) – twice as powerful as Ecover’s previous spray surface cleaner, SquirtEco3 thanks to Ecover’s Eco-Surfactants, this versatile spray cleaner is safe around food. It cleans as efficiently as Flash Multi Purpose Spray, leaving all washable surfaces sparkling clean. // Agreed!
  • Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner – RRP £2.69 (500ml) - this brand new product can be used on windows, mirrors, glass and chrome. Up against Mr Muscle Window Cleaner, it took victory on performance and finish, and was described as ‘efficient’, ‘very effective’ and ‘easy to use’ in consumer research. // Agreed, no smears, wonderful.
  • Ecover All Purpose Cleaner – RRP £1.59 (500ml) - the concentrated form of this new formulation is over 70% more powerful than the old one. It naturally and hygienically cleans all hard washable surfaces just as well as Flash All Purpose Dilutable and was found to ‘remove stubborn marks’, be ‘good in the bathroom’ and ‘make taps sparkle’ in consumer research. // I gave this and the Flash to my mother in law to test. I didn't tell her anything about Ecover. I just asked her to clean her kitchen floor with it and let me know how she got on. And I quote "it was really good. No leftover suds. I'd definitely use it again. It's the green one, isn't it?'. So there you are. High praise indeed!
  • Ecover Power Cleaner – RRP £3.99 (500ml) – this new power degreaser is great for tackling grimy ovens, bbqs, cooker hobs, extractor hoods and grills and consumers have found it to be as effective as Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Degreaser when it comes to ovens and pots and pans. // This is the reason I took so long to write this review. I kept putting off cleaning my cooker hood. When I eventually got round to it I had mixed results. The Ecover didn't remove every scrap of grease, but I couldn't leave half a cooker hood to soak. The Cillit Bang removed the grease and the coating from the other half of the cooker hood. I had to clean the Ecover half with Cillit Bang to even it up. Now both sides are dull. :-(

Overall I prefer the Ecover products because they are effective, eco-friendly, natural, plant based, pH neutral and don't smell like traditional cleaning products - and that's a Very Good Thing!



  1. I'm always looking for an eco alternative, thanks for doing the review.

  2. I tried Ecover, but found they weren't very effective. I do like Method product though. Equally environmentally friendly, do the job and smell nice too. I am also a fan of good old bicarb, vinegar and lemon juice.

  3. A Modern Mother, yes, that's why I was keen to try Ecover.

    Working Mum, I haven't tried Method products. I love the traditional natural stuff though, bicarb is brilliant - so many uses.

  4. Sandy this really made me laugh - as I've got the trug of Ecover sitting in my kitchen haunting me. I suggested to him with the credit-card (and salary) that to be truely scientific a review we should borrow someone's cleaner. After all then it's proper science isn't it? I too use almost exclusively eco products. Although having things like Cillit Bang in my house make me feel strangely excited - I'd never buy it, but am more excited about trying it out, than I think I should be!

  5. MumsRock, the novelty soon wore off for me! Watch out for that Cillit Bang stuff, it's evil! Andy asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said a cleaner. He laughed. I wasn't joking!


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