19 October 2009

Review: Tolo Safari Crocodile

When Helen from Aspen PR asked if any British Mummy Bloggers were interested reviewing toys, I offered the services of my top toy testers Presley and Cash!

We were sent a Tolo crocodile. We've named him Snappy. Snappy is part of a Tolo Safari Set. The complete set includes a safari vehicle, a Safari Boy and a Safari Girl, an elephant, a snake, a hippo, a lion and a giraffe. They are suitable for ages one to five.

My boys love crocodiles. They can do the crocodile sign and usually interrupt their boat rowing to snap their hands together at the appropriate moment.

When we gave them Snappy to test they both wanted to hold him. He feels very well made. He's a solid plastic crocodile with moveable head, tail and legs. We loved rotating his head in particular. All movements give a satisfying click. Both boys played with him for ages the first day. He is still picked up everyday, even if it's just for a quick click.

At just two and just one I think my boys are still a little young to use Snappy in imaginative play. I suspect slightly older children would love the Safari Set and take it on many adventures.

For £6 Snappy the Crocodile is pretty good value for money and would make a good stocking filler for Christmas. The complete Safari Set would set you back £84. That's a bit pricey for us, although it looks like a lovely set. I expect it would be played with over many years.

You can find the full range at www.john-crane.co.uk



  1. These looks like very colourful toys and attractive to children with special needs too.

    CJ xx

  2. Great review and I'm very jealous of the idea of being a toy trialer! Let me know if anyone else has some toys they want breaking!

  3. CJ, I hadn't considered that aspect, but you're right. x

    PlanB, thanks! Have you joined the parent reviewers/freebies groups on BMB? That's where they offer stuff for review. Toys are very popular, as you can imagine.


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