1 October 2009

The Gift of Life

This isn't the post I had planned to write today. I had planned to write a post where I talk about my weight.

This isn't even the post I had planned to write today instead of the post where I talk about my weight, because that's a difficult post to write. I was going to write a post about how I'm feeling sorry for myself. I do have a cold you know. And I've got a sore finger.

Then I read all the posts about the Pampers/UNICEF campaign: 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine.

Then I cried.

I didn't cry for myself, I realise how lucky I am to have two healthy children. I cried for the poor babies that die needlessly each year from tetanus. I cried for their mothers and I cried for those women that also contract the disease and leave their children orphaned.

My tetanus is up to date, so the puncture wound on my finger that I got yesterday from fiddling with a pushchair will not kill me.

So I'd like to thank Carol at New Mummy for snapping me out of my self-pity. She has tagged me with the Gift of Life.

These are the rules:

1 Open the virtual Gift For Life by going here
2 Write a small post on the campaign
3 Pass on to 5 other bloggers
4 Add the campaign badge to your sidebar
5 Feel incredibly proud that you are helping to make a difference!

I am passing the Gift of Life on to:



  1. Thank you hun x and (((hugs)) I know how you feel I nearly didn't put the photos of me one!

  2. Lovely post on this amazing campaign. Thanks for passing it on so quickly.

  3. Well done you! This is what it's all about. Great job passing it on. Have a good weekend.
    :) Karin

  4. Brilliant post lovely. Am sending huge great enormous hugs. I didn't write that post either. x

  5. Unrelated comment really, Sandy. I just wanted to say how I enjoyed the story you read out on Monday and how I'm very jealous of how well I know you'll do at Jenn's classes...
    kim x

  6. New Mummy, you're welcome. You look lovely in the photos! x

    Hot Cross Mum, happy to help :-)

    Karin, thanks, you too :-)

    Jo, thank you. Maybe I'll start writing it at the weekend! x

    Kim, wow, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. I put it down to beginners luck, but I am really looking forward to Jenn's classes. I'm jealous of you too, Ms Manchester Blog Awards Shortlister :-) x


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