17 July 2013

Write On Prompts Week 4

It's Week 4 of Write On.

Thank you to everyone who took part in Week 3. Each week I am impressed by the diversity and creativity on display.

This will be the last Write On for six weeks. My children start their summer holidays next week and I want to be out and about with them, enjoying our time together. I don't want to feel tied to my laptop, or feel under pressure to blog.

I've loved running Write On. It has achieved everything I hoped, and more. I wanted to set myself the challenge of writing something different each week and I have. I've even written a short story. I'd got out of the habit of just writing. I have been delighted that so many of you have joined in too. There have been some amazing pieces published on blogs. I hope you don't mind taking a break and that you will join me when Write On starts again in September.

I do hope that this week's prompts will inspire you to take part, one last time before the summer break.

How to Write On
  • Chose a writing prompt from the list below (I'll set three new prompts each Wednesday).
  • Write a blog post inspired by a prompt (or do all three). You can write in any way you choose, whether that be fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, stream of consciousness, essay or 'just' a regular blog post.
  • Include the Write On badge in your blog post, if you like (just copy and paste the code from the top of the sidebar or bottom of this post).
  • Publish your post any time from now.
  • I'll publish my post, inspired by one of the prompts, on Monday.
  • Link up your blog post (The linky goes live at 9am on Monday and stays open for a week).
  • I will comment on and share all of your posts.
  • It would be great if you could read and comment on some, or all, of the posts too.

These writing prompts are for everybody. Even if you wouldn't call yourself a writer, you are still writing on your blog. Have a go. Express yourself. Stretch yourself, you never know what might happen. There are no rules. Try to enjoy just writing.


Write On Prompts - Week 4

1) One Day
If you've read One Day by David Nicholls, you'll know that each chapter tells us what happens on a particular day each year. Chose one day that is significant to you and tell us what happened on that day in two or more different years. You could choose your birthday and describe a typical birthday both before and after children, for example.

2) The Turning Point
What was the major turning point in your life? Alternatively use a turning point to change the life of a character in a story.

3) Red
What does the colour red evoke? How does red make you feel? You could write about seeing red or going red.


Here is the badge code

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  1. Sorry I didn't take part last week, I wrote about 3 different things and wasn't happy with any of them! I shall try harder this week.
    Enjoy your summer break from it too!

    1. @Livi, oh that's a shame, thank you for trying x


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