11 July 2013

Easy Leaf Rubbing Cards and Gift Tags

My children recently started collecting leaves on the walk home from school. One of their teachers had shown them how to do leaf rubbing.

Leaf rubbing is so simple, even for a small child. If they can hold a crayon, they can do leaf rubbing.

I was so impressed with my boys' art work that I decided to turn their leaf rubbings into cards and gift tags.

We're going to use the gift tags on their thank you teacher gifts.

To make gift tags you will need:

White paper
Coloured card
A paper slicer
Double sided tape or glue
A hole punch

How to make gift tags:

Place your leaves on a flat surface.

Carefully place a sheet of white paper on top.

Hold it steady with one hand and rub over the leaves, through the paper, with the flat edge of a crayon.

Cut out your leaves, either freehand with scissors, or in rectangles with the paper slicer. This works well with several small leaves together.

Mount your cut out leaves on card with tape or glue.

Either cut out your mounted leaves (with a border) freehand or using the paper slicer.

Punch a hole in one corner, ready to thread with ribbon or string to make a gift tag, or stick to a pre-folded blank card.

We have made a pile of large gift tags to use as thank you teacher cards. Any leftover can be used to decorate birthday presents.




  1. It is a lovely idea to make these into gift tags. It always great to find new ways to use or display the thousands of bits of art that come through the door!

    1. @Damson Lane, oh yes, I can see us doing more re-using of art work over the summer holidays.

  2. That is a really lovely idea, I'm going to get my lot to do that

    1. @Nikki, thank you, I hope you all enjoy making them.

  3. Oh what a lovely idea! We make tags out of old Christmas cards, but yes, why not design your own all year too!

    1. @Actually Mummy, we do that too, but my pinking shears are packed away with the xmas decs in the loft so I had to think of something else.

  4. Yikes! I remember doing these rubbings when I was a little girl at school. Thank you for bringing back such fun memories! (I must remember to do this with my kiddos!)

    1. @Natalie, I'd forgotten too, but it's so easy to do.


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