18 July 2013

Making T-Shirts with Cricut

I was invited, by Ranieri, for a Cricut blog event in London. They paid my travel expenses, sent me a Cricut Mini and gave me some card from Papermilldirect.co.uk.

I was curious about the Cricut Mini as I make my own cards, but the machine can do far more than help with that. The Cricut machine uses a blade to cut intricate designs out of card, vinyl or sticky iron-on fabric.

I decorated T-shirts for my boys. I chose the teddy bear and monkey from thousands of designs available online. I re-sized them and set the machine going. Once they were finished I was able to peel the designs off and place them on the t-shirts ready for ironing. I was delighted with the finished product. They look professional.

The sky is the limit. You can create anything, from simple text - in any font you can think of - to complex pictures and patterns. The machine takes a little getting used to, but the software is straightforward.

I'm looking forward to playing with my Cricut Mini and improving my home-made cards by a factor of around one billion. My husband has his sights set on making his own band t-shirts and I'm going to decorate the boys' bedroom wall with something snazzy in vinyl - maybe some monkey and teddy bear wall art. Watch this space...




  1. It was great to see you again. I had a fab time making the boys T's

    1. @Jen, it was great to see you too, I thoroughly enjoyed it as well.


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