30 June 2010

Smell the Coffee

This morning I opened a new jar of instant coffee. As I twisted I heard the plastic lid slowly peel away from the foil, then pop off in my hand. I carefully removed the gold seal - in one piece - and inhaled. I breathed in deeply. I adore that aroma.

I remember my Mum calling me every time she was about to open a new jar of coffee. I got to stab, then peel off the thin film of foil. I was allowed the absolute pleasure of the first sniff.

I don't recall ever opening a jar of coffee and not sticking my nose in. If Presley and Cash are in the kitchen with me they will have a sniff too, although Cash hasn't quite grasped the concept. He blows out, like a woman in labour who is panting as the baby's head crowns because she has been told not to push.

I couldn't write about smelling the coffee without considering its other meaning. You see, I had a realisation this week. I did wake up.

I've spent many evenings recently sat here, at my laptop. I have followed my virtual world closely for some time and sometimes it gets me down. So I have simply decided to spend more time in the real world. I went to my creative writing group on Monday night and had a wonderful time.

I want to spend more time writing fiction. Once the World Cup is over I would like to spend more time songwriting with my husband. I will continue to blog and focus on the positive aspects of my online life, the friends I have made and the opportunities to write, to take photographs and to laugh and cry as I read some amazing blog posts.

I am nervous about walking into Cybermummy on Saturday, but I intend to embrace the opportunity to meet the people I like, love, respect and admire. Be warned, I like to hug. I will most probably scream with delight when I see friends old and new.

Let's make the most of our time together in real life. Let's share a cup of coffee and raise a toast to friendship.

I wonder what my boys will remember from their childhood, when they are older. Will they open a new jar of coffee and think of me? I hope so.



  1. I love the smell of coffee in general! When you walk past a good coffee shop, smells delicious. Hubby and I used to fight over who got to open the pot of coffee and stab our spoon in the foil. Hubby doesn't even like coffee!

  2. Ah, the smell of coffee is amazing! I love smells that remind you of certain times of your life. My main 'memory smell' of childhood is of chile con carne, my dad used to make it on Saturday nights and I would help him grind the spices.

    Oh yes, and I will also scream on Saturday! Can't wait to meet you x

  3. Oh I love the smell of coffee, I can't drink it though. I will look forward to one of your hugs x

  4. great post.

    here via the blog hop, hope I can be a new friend at Cybermummy.

  5. Cheers!

    Looking forward to meeting you at Cybermummy!

  6. Coffee and friendship are like peanut butter and jelly: they just have to be together! Really looking forward to meeting you and everyone else at Cybermummy.

  7. I have the same cup Sandy! I loved the post! xxx

  8. I want so much to find a balance between the virtual world and the real world. Like you, I also love creative writing! Thank God for coffee!

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  10. Wish I was coming to meet you all!
    I've just made a cafetiere of fresh coffee to leave in the kitchen with the lid off as I cooked fish last night and I DETEST that slightly lingering smell so thought the lovely aroma of fresh coffee could combat it (and I have the door and windows wide open - hope nobody thinks I'm a coffee shop!)

  11. I used to love doing the coffee things and still do for MadDad!!

    RL is far more important and I dont comment or read as much during the summer, no it will be boy time for me

  12. I really enjoy the opening celebration of a new jar!There is nothing like sitting with a friend with a lovely cup & lots to talk about! Thanks for reminding me!

  13. Laura, oh that's so funny! :-)

    Baking Mad Mama, yes, I'm a big one for smells too they can transport you. Hehe, can't wait for Saturday!! x

    Kelly, there's a huge hug with your name on it! x

    Liveotherwise, thank you. Yes, I do hope so. Hopping to your blog now...

    Rachael, cheers indeed! Soooo looking forward to Saturday :-) x

  14. Heather, Yes! You're so right. See you Saturday :-) x

    Mel, we clearly both have excellent taste! x

    Gaelikaa, I'm sure it can be done, in fact it must be done. I've had to make a cup of coffee now!! x

    Diney, I bet your house smells lovely now. Such a shame you're not coming to CyberMummy x

    The Mad House, I will still read, but will have to comment less, sadly. I only have limited time when the boys are asleep. When they're awake they deserve my full attention x

    JFB57, yes it is a celebration!! :-)

  15. I came to a similar decision some time ago and it's a better balance for me.

    I totally agree that we should make the most of becoming real life friends with all our virtual friends on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to seeing you.

    Oh, and it's only the smell of coffee that gets me out of bed in the mornings some days :)

  16. Good for you! Hope it helps. Here if you need. So sorry I won't see you on Saturday xxx

  17. Good for you taking more time for real life, it seems to be something lots of people are realising just recently. Have wonderful time at cybermummy on Saturday. Mich x

  18. Ella, every time I look at this post I make myself a coffee! Yes, very much looking forward to making real life friends tomorrow. You'll have to come over to me, I have no idea what you look like!! x

    Plan B, thank you and me too x

    Mich, blogging can take up so much time, but there has to be a balance x

  19. A lovely post that will make a lot of us question the time we spend on and offline, and the balance between the two.
    I can't wait to meet you tomorrow, I will join the queue! If I can't reach the front, I will climb over shoulders and give you a big hug!

  20. Oh don't get me started on coffee! :) I LOVE coffee, my life revolves around coffee... I will be delighted to share one with you tomorrow if you have time for me. It will be lovely to see you again xx

  21. I hope you had a great time on Saturday And find that balance between the "real" and online worlds.

  22. Hi Sandra,
    Just to let you know that your post (the one you read out on Saturday) completely blew me away. Very sad but so beautiful at the same time. x MM

  23. Baby Genie, I'm so glad we got to have that hug, it was fantastic to meet you. x

    Perfectly Happy Mum, it was lovely to see you again, but a shame we didn't get chance to chat this time x

    Capital Mom, I had a wonderful time, thank you. I've spent my whole adult life searching for balance, maybe sometime soon I'll achieve it! x

    Met Mum, thank you so much. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you, although someone pointed you out to me from across the room! Next time... x

  24. nice post. love the way you linked your ideas!

    sorry not to have made cybermummy. (i work saturdays!) it sounds like it was a blast/

  25. Babies Who Brunch, thank you. Shame you couldn't make it to Cybermummy x


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