5 July 2010

CyberMummy 2010

I apologise in advance to any readers who didn't attend the CyberMummy 2010 blogging conference. I'm sorry you weren't there, especially if you wanted to be, to experience a phenomenal day.

There are not enough superlatives to describe my experience. The content sessions were very good, the goody bags plentiful and the organisation excellent, but it was the bloggers that made it such a unique and powerful event.

When I walked into the reception of the Ibis Hotel in Earls Court, several of my favourite bloggers all ran over to greet me. I burst into tears. The rest of the day was a bit like that. Recognition was followed by grins, scream and hugs. 

I'm finding it difficult to describe just how amazing it is to meet people for the first time when you already know them so well. I felt like I had been friends with all of them for years. Conversation came easy, there was no need to make small talk. Everywhere I turned I saw my friends. Even bloggers I didn't know that well were friends by the end of the day.

I'm deliberately not mentioning any names, mainly because I haven't got time to add any links before the boys wake up from their naps, but I do want to thank Sian (Mummy Tips), Jen (Alpha Mummy) and Susanna (A Modern Mother) for bringing us all together.

I could have spent a week with everyone and still felt like we hadn't talked enough or hugged enough.

The most moving part of the day was the final content session, the crowd-sourced keynote speeches. These were blog posts read by the bloggers themselves. I was over the moon to be asked to read. Here I am:

It is one thing to write a post about having wind on your wedding day and the death of your father, but it is another thing entirely to read this to a room full of friends. I struggled to compose myself at the end.

The following morning I woke up crying. I couldn't stop, tears were pouring down my face. I think this was a release of emotion and grief and that can only be A Good Thing.

I was overwhelmed by the response from those in the room. I'd like to thank everyone for their hugs, kind words, tweets, emails and mentions on their blogs.

It was lovely to see so many of us winning prizes in the draw. Please, Weather Gods, let it be sunny enough for me to need my Summer's supply of Wilkinson's Sun Care products!

A few of us were sensible and had some dinner to soak up the wine, I even vlogged it!

The parties carried on late into the night (I know this because I was one of the last bloggers to go to bed)! There were more tears, brought on by laughter this time.

I can't wait for CyberMummy 2011!



  1. It sounds like a really positive experience.

    I couldn't go due to my daughters birthday, but I think I'll be there next year.

  2. Yay for #lastonesstanding , BIG Hugs & lots of kisses!!! You are a amazing woman Sandy and I feel so privileged to be your friend!! :D xxxx

  3. It was great seeing you again Sandy and I was one of the participants with the mascara smudge at the end of your speech, actually it started a couple of minutes into the speech. You were amazing on stage! I wish I could have stayed longer and next year I am booking a room at the hotel!

  4. You summed it up so well. It was fabulous to meet you - a real highlight for me and a moment I won't forget in a very long time. x

  5. So glad you made it Sandy. In fact, I think you bought the first ticket! Thanks for your support.

  6. Wish I'd been there! It sounds like an amazing experience.

  7. That sounds wonderful. What a great time.

  8. It was wonderful to meet you at last Sandy. Thank you so much for getting up and reading you post, it was amazing.

  9. Oh Sandy I was really honoured to hear you read your post, it was very moving. Sorry we only got a quick chat at the end because I'd have loved to have spent more time getting to know you but now that I'm subscribed to your blog, I can do that before next year ;)

  10. You made me laugh and cry and it was so great to meet you!! You are definitely my bosom buddy ;-)

  11. I'm deliberately not watching your speech again because you will make me cry (again). You're amazing, and that's all I have to say about that. And it was great to see you again. x

  12. I couldn't make it :( i would have loved to have gone, gosh if i had i would have been crying too, you were amazing reading that post well done x

  13. Sounds like you had a fab time! If they have cybermummy 2011 I def want to go! Your reading was fab, well done you!

  14. It was an incredible day, I'm just about to try and put it into words!
    Not an easy task!
    The crowd sourced keynote speakers were unbelievable, and I was completely in awe of you speaking! I sound like a groupie! But it is true, you were a true inspiration and it was a pleasure to meet you in person, thanks for making sure we did, I would have been gutted otherwise!

  15. looks like you´ve hade an fantastic day! Hugs/Jenny

  16. hi sandy, i just watched the video clip of your reading, and thought it was absolutely amazing, really incredible and touching.

    I wish i had been there, i really really do xx

  17. It was so good to meet you Sandy, I really mean that. The day was amazing. Next time we can go halves on a bottle of wine! (and another after that?). Oh and I owe you a glass, haven't forgotten.

  18. cybermummy was such an incredible event, full of amazing inspirational women. Your powerful reading will stay with me for a long time to come :-)

  19. I can't watch it again tonight as I know I'll be weeping again! It was an amazing day and my only regret is not having time to talk to as many people as I would have liked. You post is possibly one of the most moving things I've ever read. Your Dad would be so very very proud I am sure.

    MD xxxx

  20. You were so strong to read your post to us all, I'm sure we all felt honoured. Was really lovely meeting you and spending the evening with you. X

  21. It was so great to finally meet you and see the woman behind the words I have been admiring/mesmerised by for so long. I had two packets of tissues in my bag and put them in the middle of our table. Before long everyone was asking for one. You were great up there. You're just like you are on here - warm and genuine. In fact everyone I met was just like old friends.

  22. It was such a genuine pleasure to meet you Sandy, you completely blew me away with 'My Old Man'. I can't even begin to describe it. I thought you were so brave to stand up there and deliver it so beautifully...hope to meet you again, very soon xxx

  23. It was really lovely to meet you Sandy, you are as lovely in person as you come across on your blog x

  24. Laura, it was incredibly positive. Yes, you must come next time so I can meet you x

    Emma, the feeling is mutual my lovely drinking buddy! x

    Perfectly Happy Mum, aw, thank you. Yes, you MUST stay in the hotel next time x

    Rosie, it was so lovely to meet you too. I find it quite surreal how we have 'known' each other for ages, but had never met! x

    A Modern Mother, I wouldn't have missed it for the world! x

  25. Sandrine, it really was and it exceeded all my expectations x

    Capital Mom, it was truly wonderful! x

    Sian, it was so weird when we met, it felt like I'd known you for ages. It was my pleasure to read, I was honoured to be chosen x

    Vonnie, I would have loved to have spent more time with you too, next time...! x

    Emma, it was brilliant to meet you too, my bosom buddy!! x

  26. Glowstars, it was great to see you again too. No, I'm not watching it again either! x

    Rock & Roll Mummy, thank you so much, hopefully you'll be there next year x

    Laura, thank you. Yes yes yes, you must come next year! x

    Baby Genie, aw, I'm blushing now. I'm glad I was looking out for you x

    Jenny, it was an amazing day, thank you x

  27. Elsie, aw, thank you so much. It wold be wonderful to meet you, maybe next year? x

    Aly, thank you x

    Emily, it was wonderful to meet you too and I LOVE your children's names. Yes, definitely, more wine next time. x

    Feeding Boys, what a lovely thing to say. Yes, I loved the atmosphere, an amazing day x

    Modern Dilemma, thank you. Now you've made me cry. Your reading was incredible, so moving. It was lovely to meet you, just a shame we couldn't have had more of a chat x

  28. Nova, thank you. Meeting you was one of the highlights of CM for me. Thanks for the burger and chips, I'm sure that helped reduce the hangover! x

    Deer Baby, thank you. I can't get over how we all became instant friends - amazing. It wonderful to meet you. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you by coming over all fan-like at one point! x

    Paula, it was a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for all the hugs. Yes, we must meet again soon! x

    Ella, what a lovely thing to say. I'm so glad you came over as I had no idea what you looked liked. You are as lovely as your blog too x

  29. So glad it was a rewarding day. I may join you allnext time!

  30. It was such a joy to meet you and how anyone could follow your wonderful reading was beyond me, you should have read last - cant wait to see you again tomorrow - My lovely friend

  31. Such a joy to spend some time with you. x

  32. Lovely to see you on Saturday Sandy. Like many your reading brought me to tears. It's great to see it again online. Thank you x

  33. Sandy, it was SUCH a pleasure to meet you and also to sit with you. As you well know, you had me in pieces with your wonderful reading! xx

  34. Awww you read beautifully *hugs*

  35. JFB57, yes, you must! x

    The Mad House, it was a joy to meet you too. You read beautifully. I was sobbing, out loud! x

    Linda, you too x

    Almost Mrs Average, lovely to see you again too, shame we didn't get chance to chat x

    Baking Mad Mama, it was wonderful to meet you too - finally! Hopefully we'll meet again soon x

    Livi, aww, thank you x

  36. Oh, Sandy... that post was so powerful, and had me howling... with the rest of my table! You were so brave to keep going and read to the end. I was longing to give you a massive hug after that but you were surrounded by people doing just the same... so I didn't intrude. I'll save it up for 2011!
    Much love. xxx

  37. Ladybird World Mother, aww, bless you. It was lovely to meet you at CM, hopefully we'll get chance to chat in 2011 x

  38. Have just read this post and watched the video of you reading "My Old Man" it brought tears to my eyes. You were very brave and strong to read that and very composed my lovely! Can't wait to meet you on Friday 24th and hope this years CyberMummy will be filled with as much laughter and tears as last year!xx

  39. S, aw, thank you :-) I'm really looking forward to meeting you - hopefully there will be more laughs than tears! x


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