26 June 2010

836 Words and 3 Pictures

This week there is a Gallery/Writing Workshop mash up!

The joint theme is emotions.

As I spent some time analysing my emotions I realised how complex they are. I am an emotional personal.

Today I could quite easily take my pick and write about sadness, disappointment, disillusionment, apprehension and fear, but you don't want to read about that, right?

After a morning playing in the garden with my boys I could certainly cover off happiness, joy, pride, amusement and love.

So I am listening to The Flaming Lips at Glastonbury (jealousy!) and writing about something wonderful that happened to me this week.

On Tuesday I attended a book launch. A piece I wrote is in the book Word Soup Year One. I am now a published writer.

Excitement built last week as the team from Lancashire Writing Hub projected extracts from all of the pieces in the anthology on to buildings in Preston and Lancaster.

My name in lights!

When I saw these photographs I literally squeaked with excitement and did a happy dance!

On Tuesday night, at the launch,  I was given five copies of the book, beautifully bound, with my name on. 

Here they are:

I felt pride, joy and disbelief. The book is stunning.

The pieces for the Word Soup Year One anthology were selected by the brilliant Jenn Ashworth and I am in the company of some amazing writers: Tom Fletcher, Sarah Hymas, Socrates Adams, Nicholas Royle, AJ Duggan, Mollie Baxter, Norman Hadley, Rachel McGladdery, JA Brunning and Peter Wild.

So how did this happen?

Well, it all began with this blog, my Baby, Baby Baby. In May last year I started writing, tentatively at first. As my confidence grew I tried my hand at creative writing. Earlier this year I read a piece of flash fiction that I had written at an open mic spot at the Word Soup live lit night. I was then asked to submit a piece for the anthology. I was overjoyed to have 'My Old Man', written about my father, selected. I was invited to read my 836 words at Word Soup in April. It is an emotional piece. I made people cry. Result.

You can buy the book here or win one here.



  1. Well done you! Pride is a fabulous emotion!

  2. WOW! What a week that's been. You must be really proud of yourself and so you should be. I'm amazed you only squeaked - I would have jumped up and down/screamed/grabbed passing strangers etc etc.

  3. That is just fantastic sandy! You are a star! I agree with scribblingmum - if it had happened to me I would have been shouting from the rooftops on twitter and everywhere. You are very modest. Well done!

  4. Really pleased for you! such a great post that shows lots of these blasted emotions we have!

  5. You know my feelings already, you are a fab writer and yes it made me cry too. Well done Sandy

  6. How amazing Sandy! Well done to you, times a thousand! How wonderful to see your name up in lights like that x

  7. Livi, thank you :-)

    Scribbling Mum, thank you, I did have a silly grin on my face for a while!

    Deer Baby, thank you very much. I'm not that modest, if I was I wouldn't have blogged about it ;-)

    JFB57, thank you :-)

    The Mad House, thank you x

    Baking Mad Mama, thank you, I never ever expected to see my name up in lights!! x

  8. Well done what am amazing accomplishment! You should be proud of yourself it's brilliant :-) x

  9. Congratulations! That is just utterly brilliant - you must be so proud of yourself and justifiably so

  10. Did I not comment on this the other day... ggrr I was sure I did!! Anyway...

    I am IMMENSELY proud of you, Sandy - this is an amazing story!!! This is a fantastic achievement and the world becomes smaller (the fact that we both know Rachel) - one day we will meet up!! I feel like I already know you though.

  11. How amazing and exciting! Congratulations, how far you've come in a year! it's lovely to see you doing so well x

  12. Well done and congratulations :D Jen

  13. How fantastic, well done Sandy x

  14. Well done you and well deserved for such a lovely writer.

  15. Mummy Mishaps, thank you very much :-)

    Muddling Along, thank you. I still don't think it has sunk in yet! :-)

    Nickie, aww, thank you so much. Yes, we must meet up soon - perhaps the three of us?! x

    Mummy V, thank you, I'm still in shock! :-)

    Jen, thank you :-)

  16. New Mummy, thank you :-) x

    Mummy Limited, how lovely of you to say, thank you x

  17. Wow. That is so exciting! You must be absolutely thrilled.

    Stopped by from Josie's.

  18. Wow,good on you, congratulations ;)

  19. The Working Housewife, thank you, yes I am thrilled :-)

    Mirka, thank you :-)

  20. You are a wonderful writer, very well done, and congratulations! Make this be just the beginning of an amazing ride.....!

  21. Geekymummy, thank you, I'm blushing! x


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