15 June 2010

The Gallery: Motherhood

The Sticky Fingers Gallery is back and the theme this time is Motherhood. If you haven't taken part in the online Gallery, now would be a good week to join as there are prizes and the photographs will be displayed in a real life gallery at CyberMummy.

So, motherhood. What is motherhood to me?

Motherhood is an uncertain road. You can read as many baby advice books as you like, but ultimately you're on your own. Making it up as you go along.

Motherhood is the hardest thing you will ever do. It is staying up all night nursing a pooly child, but it is worth every tear, tantrum, vomit, bite or kick. It is worth it because one day they will say 'I love Mummy'.

It is worth it when you've nodded off in the armchair and you're woken by a little voice saying 'Mummy help!' because your child has got his hand stuck in the radiator.

It is worth all the despair, worry, monotony and confusion to get a smile, a laugh or someone calling you Mummy. Looking back over my life I realise this is all I ever wanted to hear.

You will feel pride, hope, joy and overwhelming, unconditional love.

That is motherhood.

This is a photograph, taken by my husband, Andy, of the first time I held Presley in my arms. He was ten hours old.

I don't want to blog about his birth, as one day he may read this. Let's just say we had a difficult time and were both in distress. After he was born he was taken straight to the Special Care Baby Unit and I was taken to surgery. 

While I was in recovery I couldn't quite believe I was a mother. It is the strangest experience to know you have a child, but you can not see them or touch them. Even when I was finally wheeled to the SCBU and he was placed in my arms it was still rather surreal. 

It still is sometimes.



  1. Beautiful photograph. I love this post too; but I'm not feeling broody....!!

    CJ xx

  2. What a touching photo. I can't imagine not being able to hold your baby for 10 hours after he was born. You are a very strong lady. x

  3. Lovely maternal post. It's just the best feeling in the world, isn't it that wonderful, overwhelming love

  4. Wonderful image. I understand the heartache of a hard pregnancy.

  5. Great picture. Wonderful post too! xxx

  6. That's a beautiful post with a lovely photo of you and your baby. All worth it once you have your baby in your arms :-)

  7. All SO true.
    It really is just the most surreal journey. But brilliant, too :)
    And a great picture - can relate all too well to the traumatic birth bit - I have a similar pic of Dylan & me which is just like, and now, breeeeeathe. Got there in the end!
    :) xx

  8. It is so hard when they are taken away. I didn't really belive any of it had happened. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful pictures to go with a beautiful story. x

  10. You sum up motherhood beautifully. I can only imagine how hard it must have been not being able to hold him straight away but you both being here today is the greatest gift and what a gorgeous picture xxx

  11. Absolutely gorgeous...I welled up. xxx

  12. Wonderful picture Sandy. Must have made it all the more sweeter when you finally got to hold him. But tough. Beautiful words too.

  13. It's amazing how such an 'ordinary' photograph can be so powerful, isn't it?
    I remmeber repeating to myself over and over that first night i hospital "I'm a mother! He's mine! I'm a mother. I have a baby!" - it must have been so much harder for you. x

  14. It must have been such a relief to finally hold him x

  15. A very lovely photo...sorry it was a tough time getting there. X

  16. Great photo. He looks like he was a big baby, sorry to see that you were both in distress but happy to see the great ending :)

  17. Beautiful photo - I was in labour for 32 1/4 hrs with Milly...it was a really difficult labour - I cannot imagine not being able to hold your child for so long after the birth. Thank goodness you were both OK. x

  18. Sandy I love these words "but it is worth every tear, tantrum, vomit, bite or kick. It is worth it because one day they will say 'I love Mummy'". Cause that is it in a nutshell! And it is so surreal when you first have them. How can you explain that to someone? It sounds like a cliche but it just is so true!

  19. That must be so strange to be a mother but not have that touch to confirm it to you. So glad you both came through it OK. Love this post - made me laugh and cry.

  20. A great photo. It is very a very surreal experience being a mum.

  21. You are so correct about everything you say about motherhood and a great picture x

  22. beautiful. I feel as if I became a whole other extra person after I became a mother. I tapped into a part of myself I didn't know existed.
    So glad that you and Presley came though OK.

  23. A beautiful post, you describe Motherhood so well.I know what you mean about how it can still seem surreal. It's unbelievable how fast they grow from that little bundle you gave birth to, to little people, right before your eyes and yet you hardly see it happen!

  24. CJ, thank you. I'm always broody! x

    Susie, it was at the time, but he's perfectly fine now :-)

    Laura, thank you x

    Photopuddle, thank you :-)

    Mummyfiles, you just get on with it, you have to! x

  25. Diney, it is the best thing ever :-)

    The Mad House, I know you do. It's all worth it though x

    Mel, thank you :-)

    Jenny, thank you, it is totally worth it :-)

    Leslieanne, I know you had a pretty similar experience. I don't think I've taken that breath yet! x

  26. JFB, ah, you too? It's not how it's meant to be! x

    Susan, thank you :-) x

    Carly, thank you so much :-) x

    If I could escape, thank you x

    Chris, thank you, me too x

  27. Deer Baby, thank you. I think I was still in shock when the photo was taken! x

    Mamafour, I think the words help to out it in context. I'm lucky, he was only in SCBU for a few days x

    Becky, it was, it's even better now :-) x

    Nova, thank you, in the general scheme of things it was only tough for a short time x

    Jen, it is a happy ending. He was only 6lb 10oz, so not big at all. I can see why you would think that from the photo though x

  28. Vicki, my goodness that was a long labour. I was only 12 (full on) hours! x

    Heather, you can not explain how much motherhood changes you! x

    Mummy Limited, thank you :-) x

    Brighton Mum, thank you, it is though! x

    Kerry, thank you :-) x

  29. Geeky Mummy, yes, that is how it feels. I'm a different person now! x

    Mumatalk, I know. It's a cliche, but they grow up so fast! x

  30. Such a lovely photo, from the sound of it you had a similar experience to me. Which makes the photo all the more beautiful xx

  31. Liz, I know exactly what you mean x

  32. Coming back because I couldn't comment the other day on my phone. I love this picture - your birth sounds completely opposite to mine, but I felt (and still feel) that surreal feeling as well. I loved this post.

  33. Lovely words to sccompany the photo.

  34. Hi,
    Sian - MummyTips / CyberMummy Here...... I've just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.

  35. These posts are just stirring up so many emotions! I'm so sorry you had a hard birth. But your boys and your love for them shine through everything you write.

    Lovely post.

  36. Rachael, thank you, it is surreal! x

    Capital Mom, thank you :-)

    Sian, done, thank you x

    Bumbling Along, what a lovely thing to say, thank you x


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