3 June 2010

Where did my babies go?

I call them my babies, they'll always be my babies, but they're growing up. 

Presley is nearly three. He is a tall slim boy and has never really had a baby face, he has always had the face of a boy.

Cash is nearly two. He has always been a little fuller in the face, but acts so much older than his 21 months. I expect that is because he is the younger sibling and copies his brother. You wouldn't really call him a toddler any more.

I have two boys.

Each day they become more independent. They can clean their teeth on their own. They use knives and forks and cups without lids. They can undress and dress themselves - after a fashion!

Presley and Cash play together a lot more. They have invented games called 'going to Aunty Helen's house' and 'hopdyhoptic'. No, I haven't a clue what that means either, but it appears to involve opening and closing the kitchen door over and over again.

They run around the garden and clear up leaves and sticks, placing them the garden bin. They 'help' around the house and repeatedly try to put their toy cereal boxes in the recycling box.

They are wonderful little lads.

They still need their Mummy though. Mummy rubs it better and Mummy kisses it better each time they hurt themselves. They can be howling inconsolably over a bumped arm, but as soon as Mummy has rubbed or kissed it they stop the tears and declare 'that's better now'. 

This was Presley's first scabby knee of the Summer. Short trousers are no protection against running too fast over stoney tarmac.

Cash still has a bottle of cow's milk three times a day. I expect the health visitor will comment on this when he has his two year development check. I'll miss this closeness when he moves over to a cup to drink his milk (or a cereal bowl once the Coco Pops have been eaten, like his brother).

Right now I still get to cradle him like a baby and have him relax in my arms.

Right now I still get to cuddle them both on my lap, whenever I want, and cover them with kisses.

I know this won't last forever and I am clinging on to it as I cling on to them, stroking their soft skin and hair.

One day they won't want a kiss from their Mummy.

One day they won't let their Mummy cuddle them.

One day they won't need me to rub it better or kiss it better.

One day I won't be needed and this makes me feel sad right now, although I expect that by the time I have two amazing teenage sons I'll be heart-burstingly proud of them - all from a respectful distance of course. 




  1. I agree. At 22 months my little one is no longer a baby and just a little girl. She does so much for herself it's amazing. Every time I cuddle her I don't want to let go because I know the days were I am able to are diminishing rapidly. I love that she needs her mummy right now and am totally not looking forward to the days where she doesn't!
    As with you my pride in her grows by the day and just when I think I could not be prouder she does something and my heart grows a little more to cope with the extra pride. What a wonderful experience being a mum is

  2. Lovely post .

    And so very true, our youngests are the same age and its so hard but amazing watching them grow .

    I still call all my kids my babies but my almost 5 year old (on Tuesdasy eek)refuses to let me call her that . I still baby my boy and i know it , i cannot help it . While it is looking good for at least the possibilty of more children for us (in a good few years) for now he is my baby and even if 2 is coming up close he will stay that way.

  3. I know how you feel. My little girl is growing up scarily fast. She also seems more like a child than a toddler sometimes.
    Don't worry, I'm sure your boys will always need their mum. Even if they end up far too cool to admit it!

  4. Your house sounds like a lot of fun!
    I find it so hard to believe that my sweet soft little boy (27 months) will ever become a big hairy stinky man! Somehow the transformation of a little girl to a teenager and to a woman seems less of a metamorphosis. Though maybe I'll feel differently when I take Geekygirl to get her first bra!

  5. Savour every minute, i wish i could go back 30yrs to when mine were little, happy days. Then of course there is the grandchildren you will have to look forward to :-)

  6. This is a great post. There are some aspects of my son growing up which I've loved. We can have conversations now, he makes up stories and songs and plays imaginatively. I love the toddler years (well, he's 2y8m so I suppose these are the preschool years) more than I could ever have imagined. Sometimes when I look into his eyes though I see a little glimpse of the boy and then the man I know he's growing so fast into and it scares me. I so hope he still needs and wants me then as he does now.

  7. I saw a little boy on a bike with stabilisers today and it made me think of MM. I felt a rush of excitement & sadness all at once. It's a strange thing watching them grow up and ultimately away from us.

  8. I sat at the hairdressers today waiting while my two daughters had their hair done. They both looked so grown up, and the Teenager is now almost as tall as me. It's so true that they grow up too quickly. Savour every moment Sandy, they don't last long.

  9. If its any consellation I still hug my mum and dad every day :-) and Im 22! lol

  10. They will always need us, we are mummy, we are what every boy will always want in their lives. I understand about growing up too fast. Mini always lifted himself up to Maxi's level and can read at 3!! This post really made my heart sing

  11. No matter how old they are, they will always need their mum and as they grow up and have children of their own, you will once again be in high demand.

    I know grandchildren are a long way of, but it will be upon you before you know it, it's true they do grow up too quickly for a mothers liking.

  12. The Moiderer, what a beautiful comment. Being a mum is a wonderful experience :-)

    Laura, they don't stay babies for very long. If I wasn't so old and knackered I'd be thinking about more. How lovely for you to have a large family.

    Photo Puddle, I'll always be there for them :-)

    Geeky Mummy, oh that made me LOL, 'big hairy stinky man'. It's hard to imagine!

    Mazza, I'm trying to enjoy it, in between the tantrums! :-)

  13. Sleepless Mum, he's very close to Presley then (he's 2yrs 9mths). I love that you can have conversations with them and find out what they're thinking. I really can't imagine what they'll be like as men! :-)

    Mummy Limited, I suppose our job is to give them stabilisers and let them grow *sniff*

    Not Supermum, aww, I'm doing my best! :-)

    Miss Searles, that does help, thank you x

    The Mad House, I thought you'd feel the same. I hope they will alway need mummy :-)

    Prem 2 Pram, oh my goodness, grandchildren! I can't get my head round that! :-)

  14. What a lovely post. They'll always need their Mum. My son (10) is at the stage where he's in the bathroom - "don't come in Mum. It's private!!" Suits me. I remember when he followed me round (including the bathroom) every minute of every day. My daughter, two, is all 'I do it Mummy, I do it' and fiercely independent. But she still comes running back when she's fallen over.

    Precious, precious days....

  15. I can relate to all of that. I have a baby, aged nearly seven, and growing up alarmingly fast. I'm cuddling her in public while I still can! I don't worry too much though, I like the challenges that growing older presents and watching her little personality unfold x

  16. I couldn't have said this better myself. I also have two boys - 4 and 1 1/2. they are becoming friends and more and more independent which i love, but i also love my cuddles.


  17. This is such a lovely post Sandy - I think you've summed up the way we all feel! If it helps the Bear still had a midday bottle up till just before his 2nd birthday - I replaced it with a cup and he decided he couldn't be bothered with it! x

  18. Deer Baby, they are precious days and I need to remind myself of that when the going gets tough! :-)

    Rosie, how lovely that you can still cuddle your baby x

    Marketing to Milk, thank you, it is pretty special when they start entertaining each other. I love their little chats :-)

    Baking Mad Mama, yes, Presley was the same. He will not drink milk out of a cup, but we decided not to go back to bottles. He eats loads of yoghurts instead! x

  19. Aww, sweethearts, they will always need their mummy, no matter how old they are.

    CJ xx

  20. CJ, aww, I really hope so :-) x

  21. Aww such a sad post :( But in reality, no matter how old they are, they will still need their mummy. You'll always be the one they come to when things go wrong and a kiss and a cuddle from you will always make their worlds seem much better.

  22. Livi, that's lovely and you're so right :-) x


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