23 June 2010

The Gallery: Creatures

The theme for the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is creatures.

I love animals, they're usually so photogenic. I have hundreds of photographs to chose from for this theme. I've had cats and dogs over the years and been to wildlife parks, camera in hand. 

I thought about submitting one of my comedy whale-watch pictures. For every whale tail I have seventeen pictures of the sea or people on the boat - well, there was a two metre swell!

Then, this week, a photo opportunity arose. It was spectacularly difficult to photograph, but I got there in the end.

I have no idea what they're up to!




  1. Tee hee! How rude! Very acrobatic..I was doing that 'head on one side thing to work out how it works' thing! Well captured Sandy!

  2. Different kind of picture indeed, buts its really awesome! xxx

  3. Wow what wonderful photos. I imagine they were hard to get through the glass with the light coming in, so well done you!

    MD xx

  4. Another naughty creature photo lol! Great shot you captured here!

  5. awww how nice of it to give the other a piggy back ride, so kind LOL

    great photos

  6. Yes right - he he he. I posted a picture of whale swell!

  7. Porn..it's porn! Shocked! :-)

  8. Lol, how do they do it mid air? Great photos :)

  9. Yuck yuck yuck. Great picture. But flies. Yuck

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. The more I enjoy photographic posts the more I realise that I need to put photos up on at least one of my blogs. I guess that's what's been missing really....xxx

  12. Christine, thank you. I felt I was intruding, but they didn't say anything!

    Mel, thank you! x

    JFB, they were at it for ages!!

    Modern Dilemma, thank you, I must have taken about 30 blurred shots before I got the camera to focus! x

    Mummy Mishaps, he he, thank you :-)

  13. Annie, aren't they kind? And so are you, thank you :-)

    The Mad House, I saw it, hehe!

    Nota Bene, actual LOL at your comment, but yes, I suppose it is! :-)

    Jen, aha, they were on the window! :-)

    Mirka, thank you!

  14. Plan B, I know, eww and yuck!

    New Mummy, hehe!

    Livi, it's disgusting ;-)

    Gaelikaa, I really think it can add something to the words or maybe even inspire them x

  15. lol, obviously no idea what they are up to ;) but I had 2 flies on my window the other day in a very similar position!

  16. Muma Talk, best not to think about it too much!!


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