18 June 2010

CyberMummy Meet and Greet

Two lovely bloggers, Carly at Mummy's Shoes and Ella at Notes From Home both had the brilliant idea of inviting the bloggers attending CyberMummy to introduce themselves, on their blogs, before the big event.

At the time of writing twenty out of the one hundred and eighty attendees have linked their introductions on Mummy's Shoes. It is a little daunting to attend an event with that many strangers, but we're all in the same boat. I've loved meeting fellow bloggers at previous British Mummy Bloggers events. So I'm looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. If you recognise me, do come over and say hello. I'll be masking  my shyness by appearing rather confident!

So, this is me:

Name:          Sandy Calico
Blog:            Baby Baby http://sandycalico.blogspot.com/
Twitter ID:    @SandyCalico
Height:          5' 7"
Hair:             Brown bob
Eyes:            Blue, hidden behind my glasses
Likes:           Reading, writing, arithmetic (seriously), children,
                    animals, stationery, card-making, music

See you in two weeks!



  1. Hope you have a nice time! btw, I've tagged you for a meme over at mine!

  2. looking forward to meeting you (and thanks for the mention!)

  3. Aaaw thanks for joining the meet and greet :) At least you will be appearing confident, I will be shy and appearing shy too :) Looking forward to it though x

  4. Look forward to meeting you! Can't believe you love arithmetic. I am utterly hopeless at sums.

  5. Mel, thank you and thank you! x

    Ella, you too x

    Carly, I believe in the saying 'fake it 'til you make it'! Will be lovely to see you again x

    Rachael, I love the numbers on Countdown!! Looking forward to meeting you too x

    Chic Mama, I was going to say 'not if I see you first', but I have no idea what you look like! x


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