19 June 2010

Father's Day

"Shall I come over on Sunday next week, Dad?"


"It's Father's Day"

"Alright then, I never know when it is. Don't get me wine gums this year, dear. I've gone off them"

That was five years ago. Back then we had no idea it would be my Dad's last Father's Day. I unwrapped and ate the wine gums and then went out and bought toffees. Dad wiped away a tear when he read his card. It must be bittersweet receiving one card saying that you're the best dad in the world when, if life was fair, it should be one of three cards.

My heart goes out to fathers who will not receive the right number of cards and to those who will not be sending cards this year.

This week Presley and Cash made cards for their Daddy and their Grandad (Andy's Dad). In fact, they made cards and decorated envelopes every day. Who am I to stop their creativity and enthusiasm? They chose presents too when we were out shopping. I asked them to think of things that Daddy and Grandad would like. They haven't quite grasped that concept as they chose gifts that they would like, but don't we all?!

I looked at the wine gums, but didn't buy any.



  1. What can I say, I miss my dad all the time, but fathers day is bittersweet

  2. This post brought a tear to my eye, and that doesn't happen very often!
    Makes me thankful that my Dad is only in another country and I will see him soon.

    Will be thinking of you and all others without their Dad's now tomorrow.

  3. This post was really very touching, Sandy. MY mom lost her dad when she was 14, and it took her a long time to get over it.

    Love your post. xxx

  4. I've been thinking about you and some other mum bloggers who are also without Dads. It's a funny old time isn't it.

  5. Lovely post! I've been without my dad for 31 years but still miss him!

  6. Very touching post. Father's Day is definitely a bittersweet day when they are no longer with you. I'm so grateful I have hubby to focus Father's Day on now he is a daddy.x

  7. Beautiful post. As you know I miss my dad but yes buying a father's day card is tough. I don't mind buying one for my hubby from the boys but I can't buy one for my father in law not because I don't like him, I do I love him but I feel like I am betraying my dad. We made cards too. Hugs x

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  9. The Mad House, it is so bittersweet x

    Emma, thank you, so kind x

    Mel, thank you, I wonder if you ever totally get over it x

    Scribbling Mum, it is a tricky time x

    JFB, thank you. Of course you do x

  10. Mummy Files, yes, me too, it really helps to distract you x

    Susan, Hugs to you too, it is hard x


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