28 July 2010

Baking with Baby Baby

I'm not known for my baking.

I'm the first to admit that I prefer cooking savoury dishes. Add to that Presley's fear of the food mixer* and you'll understand why we don't do that much baking together.

*I used to make a thick gravy for the boys by whizzing cooked vegetables into stock with my handheld food mixer. Yeah, I know, I said I'd never hide vegetables either, but I said a lot of things before I became a parent. Presley freaks out the second he hears me plug the mixer in. Most days when I tell him what's for tea he replies 'no noisy gravy'. It's okay, I still have pasta sauce that I can hide vegetables in (without making a noise).

Biscuits, on the other hand, require no food mixer. The children can join in with measuring out the ingredients and mixing with wooden spoons or little hands. They can watch their creations cook through the glass in the oven door. Then - the best bit - they can decorate them, with melted chocolate or icing and hundreds and thousands.

The other day we made gingerbread men.

As you can see they haven't quite got the hang of where to put the buttons. Oh and the one with a foot missing was Cash pressing down with the cutter before I was ready!

When they had cooled down we got out the icing tubes and started decorating. This is one of mine. Those icing tubes aren't the easiest things to use.

This is another one of mine, celebrating summer!

It was a family affair. Here is Andy's effort. 

Nope, me neither. He was particularly proud of the stockings though.

Here are the finished gingerbread men from all of us.

I think the boys did really well with theirs!

What's that you say? English Mum's having a bake-off? Oh well, I'll have to enter with these fine fellows!


I wonder if there's a prize for the worst entry?

Yes, it's a cupcake.

Like I said, I'm not known for my baking!




  1. OMG! The one with the little bikini! And the little S&M one! Hilarious, thank you so much for your entry, they're the cutest xx

  2. I love them. As long as they taste good, who gives a wotsit eh?

  3. Never seen a bikini wearing gingerbread man before - fantastic! Great to see some messy play fun :)

  4. lovely to see such a diverse range of family gingerbread men - you should frame that pic!

    loved the 'no noisy gravy' ! x

  5. Brilliant.....I love them!!!!

  6. I see your bikini comes with extra bush. :-)

  7. So I'm not the only one who finds these gingerbread people a little...kinky?

  8. We all say a lot of things before becoming parents don't we? And look what happens to us!

  9. OMG they are a TRIUMPH! The stockings are absolutely classic, so delicate...a masterpiece ;-) x

  10. You're making me think it's Christmas!

  11. Oh, tears of joy. I don't want to be mean, but maybe you could win the prize for diversity & inclusion...? Loving your take on the village people.

  12. Hi Sandy, just wait until M&S start selling these. There'll be an outcry! Hahaha. I love them. What a great sense of fun you have. We encourage our children to bake too. Today my eldest cooked a banana bread. He only used half the flour and the result was interesting to say the least, but he did it, and he did it himself. I love family baking!!

  13. Andy's effort is brilliant! They all are in fact. My mum calls them Gingerbread boys, which is a little worrying!

  14. OMG Those are the funniest gingerbread men ever! You have to win that contest now.

  15. English Mum, glad they made you laugh :-) x

    Kate, exactly and they did taste yummy :-)

    Cathy, there's a first time for everything! :-)

    Angel, thank you :-)

    Elsie, yes, they are a diverse family! x

  16. Emma, thank you :-) x

    Mwa, haha yes, this gingerbread man is from the 70's :-)

    Jen, sadly, yes! :-)

    Gaelikaa, I know. That's a whole other blog post! x

    Spudballoo, I'll pass on your comment to Andy. He was proud of his handiwork! :-) x

  17. A Modern Mother, it is only 4 months away! Yikes, I've scared myself. x

    Met Mum, haha, village people - love it! x

    Dave, family baking is such good fun. It was great that we could all be involved. I'm waiting for the call from M&S... ;-)

    Rosie, hmm, that is worrying! x

    Working Mum, aww, thank you. I've just seen what you did today with plums. Amazing! x


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