13 July 2010

Mummy Bloggers on Woman's Hour

BBC Radio Four's Woman's Hour programme has been celebrating, informing and entertaining women for fifty years.

This morning they had a feature on mummy blogging. Jen Howze and Nixdminx were in the studio. Potty Mummy, Amy from And 1 More Means 4 and I recorded extracts from recent posts and these were also transmitted.

If you would like to listen to today's Woman's Hour please click here. We're on first.

Edited to add the following audio clip of the Woman's Hour Mummy Blogging feature.

Huge thanks to Nick at My Daddy Cooks for creating and hosting this clip for me.

I was delighted to be asked to read. After I had recorded my piece I felt uneasy. Would they broadcast the bit where I say 'arse'? No, in fact the whole piece was heavily edited!

The original post was My Old Man and you can also watch the video of me reading it at Cybermummy.

I thought us Mummy Bloggers were well represented and I loved Nixdminx's phrase 'Don't be a BUM (Blogging Unpaid Mum)'!

Again, huge thanks to all of you who have sent me kind messages about 'My Old Man'. I am still processing the fact that I made two hundred people cry at Cybermummy. It is quite overwhelming. The last ten days have  been unusual. On the one hand I have had a massive confidence boost and made loads of friends, old and new. On the other I have quietly marked the anniversary of my brother's death and today is one year since my old cat popped his pussy clogs.

As Ronan Keating once sang 'Life is a rollercoaster you've just got to ride it'.



  1. It was a great segment, and you made me cry *again*! x

  2. Wow, famous! Fantastic, well done.

  3. Can't wait to listen to the show. Well done! x

  4. Fabulous - what a worthy way to mark these amazing posts. Well done to all of you - and keep on riding that rollercoaster! x

  5. Oh Sandy, I thought you were just great. Like you say, life is full of ups and downs. But think of how proud your Dad would be. That is what made me cry (again)! Big hugs. xxx

  6. Oooh will have to give this a lesson. I love woman's hour. Is it still Jenny Murray?

  7. I meant a listen... dunno what's wrong with me today...

  8. I read your piece today and it made me cry too. I realise how similar in style and tone my blog post from last month was and I hope you didn't think I copied your idea - I really hadn't read it until today. I don't think I was even following you when you first published it.

    It's a beautiful piece.

  9. It was great to listen to you and the others today. What a high you've been on!! But then, like you say, other things are also in play. That's what I love about you.

  10. Well done you and everyone involved! Funny how life is so full of ups and downs, I'm sure there was a time when it plodded along more smoothly. Maybe there wasn't and that's nostalgia.

  11. You made us proud! Long live BMB.

  12. New Mummy, thank you and I'm sorry! x

    Titch, thank you :-)

    Almost Mrs Average, Thank you, I thought it was a pretty good piece. x

    Hot Cross Mum, I'm holding on for dear life!! x

    Pants With Names, now you've made me cry. Thank you for the hugs, I need them! x

  13. Gappy, give it a listen and a lesson. This was hosted by Jane Garvey x

    Kate, I thought your piece about your Dad was beautiful. It didn't once cross my mind that it was similar to mine. x

    Deer Baby, thank you. I feel a bit odd now, about blogging. It would have been Dad's birthday yesterday, but I didn't feel I could write about him again. Perhaps I'll just write about the ups for a while x

    Emily, I was going to say something clever about looking at a graph of the ups and downs of your life. By the time you're old(er) the line will look flatter. I'm glad I didn't now ;-) x

    A Modern Mother, thank you. Long live BMB indeed!


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