19 July 2010


A little bit of kindness goes a long way. The briefest of kind tweets can lift my entire day. If someone holds a door for me or helps me to lift my pushchair up or down steps I am heartened. If someone returns a lost baby shoe or sock to me I could cry with happiness!

Sadly these examples of simple kindness are few and far between. So often people can be thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude or selfish. Usually in the supermarket, almost always in cars.

I hope I am kind at all times. I'm not saying I'm perfect - far from it - but I do care about my behaviour towards others.

There is a lovely blogger, Susie from New Day New Lesson, who is a kind person. When a friend of mine died earlier this year, Susie emailed me and offered me a friendly ear and a virtual shoulder to cry on. She didn't know me that well, but she cared enough to make the offer. I won't forget a kind action like that.

Susie runs an inspirational Kindness Club on her blog. Each week she gives a kindness assignment. These have ranged from being kind to yourself to visiting the sick and elderly. Each week I have read the prompts and either thought 'yes, I already do that', or 'hmm, I'll give that a go'.

What I haven't done is written a post about it. I've been discussing with Susie why more people aren't writing about their kind actions and linking them up on New Day New Lesson.

I think it's a British trait not to blow your own trumpet. I think this is the reason. We don't shout about our good deeds, perhaps we should.

Last year I helped an elderly lady after she fell and broke her wrist. I won't go into details, but she was in a bad way. I didn't blog about it because I felt uncomfortable using her story on my blog. What struck me though, was out of twenty bystanders I was the only one to help her.

Have a look at the Kindness Club and see what you think.



  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post. You are a really kind soul.

  2. I also wanted to add that just in case anyone else is thinking that talking about kindness acts is blowing your own trumpet, I want to offer this:

    True humility means knowing your own self worth. It's something I have been meaning to write about for a while and I think I will in a few days time.

    Also, sometimes by sharing nice things we do, we give others the inspiration to learn from our example. It may be that little change in mindset that changes the world slowly one person at a time.

  3. Thank you for the post Sandy & for the comments Susie. I agree that it can feel rather awkward talking about doing what should should come naturally!

  4. Friends like that are very valuable. Keep her near and good on you for helping that on lady!

  5. Sandy, you and others like you, are modeling to your children the way that they should treat others. And if enough parents keep doing that then hopefully very soon we will have a world filled with kind and courteous people. I know exactly what you mean about people only thinking of themselves, to the detriment of others. And it makes me very sad at the state we are in.

    It's not just the British who don't blow their own horn. I think most people feel that it doesn't "count" if you "brag" on the good deeds you do. To that extent I kind of understand, but at the same time somehow word needs to spread - so that maybe others will pick up on it.

  6. simple acts of kindness go a very very long way and are long remembered. many people are unkind, which surely takes me effort? It is easy to see that you are a kind person through and through. (gosh look i'm getting all soppy on you!) x

  7. Susie, you are welcome. I'm looking forward to your post on self worth x

    JFB57, you're so right, it should come naturally, but (as I said on Twitter) sometimes we need a little nidge in the right direction x

    Spencer Park, thank you :-)

    Gigi, you've summed it up brilliantly. We need to set an example to our children and raise them as kind individuals x

    Elsie, that is far too soppy, you'll have me in tears next! I guess I'll just have to say it takes one to know one x


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