21 July 2010

The Cosmo Blog Awards

I've seen a few people ask to be nominated in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards. I've even nominated them.

It didn't cross my mind to ask people to nominate Baby Baby, but on reflection it would be lovely to have a parenting blog on the shortlist in the Lifestyle category.

If you would like to nominate this blog, or any other, click below. It only takes a minute. Nominations close soon, at the end of the month I believe.

Thank you.




  1. I was going to nominate myself but then thought about all the blogs I enjoyed reading and bloggers that I truely deserved to win so nominated them all instead - yours is one I already put forward!! :D x

  2. Good luck - will vote now x

  3. Aww, thank you all. I have returned the favour x


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