27 July 2010

The Gallery: The Changing Seasons

The theme for the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is nature. If you haven't entered before, this may be the week to start. There is a prize on offer for the best entry. The prize is a Green & Blacks hamper. I was going to say it's not to be sniffed at, but if you won you would sniff it. A LOT.

The themes in recent weeks have been tricky, but I've found this the most difficult theme of all. For a start, nature is a big theme, it covers so much of the world around us. 

I took some photographs this week of a squirrel eating a nut on our fence, but they're not great photographs. I took them though a window, using 12x digital zoom. I've got the squirrel in focus, but I wouldn't enter it in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition!

So having failed to find anything new to photograph I looked back through the thousands of photographs on my laptop. When I found one I liked, I copied it into my Gallery folder. I then went through and deleted loads, finally settling on a short list of 78.

This is when I decided I needed a theme. I know Tara likes trees, so I deleted everything that wasn't a tree. Finally, we're getting somewhere! I'll save the sunbathing blackbird for another day. I have my entry.


Seeing these trees made me think of how they clearly reflect the changing seasons.

Sticky sap rises, the dead wood comes alive.

The shade of lush leaves on a sunny day

The rustling of falling leaves, crunching underfoot.

Cold bare branches wait



  1. Gorgeous photos taken so well. I think my fav is the leaf shot. Autumn is my favourite season because the array of colours are quite breathtaking.

  2. Wow, lovely photos. The winter one is my favourite

  3. I love trees as you can watch the seasons change in them. Beautiful photos :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I love the tree reflection one. x

  5. Stunning, I love the autumn shots the best, the leave and the tree reflection, just very clever ;)

  6. I love trees!I once did a series of lessons with the children about how trees change during the seasons! Love the photos!

  7. I love trees, these are fab shots:) Jen

  8. Lovely photos. Tress really are wonderful as they go through the seasonal changes. I love the summer one looking up at the sky :)

  9. Thank you for the lovely comments. I've always loved trees. I was going to write about tree-hugging, but I noticed that the photographs I had chosen fell into seasons, so I went with that.

  10. Oh, such beautiful pictures! I especially love the Autumn/Winter ones but I think that's because they are my favourite seasons!

  11. Bubbleboo, thank you very much :-) x


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