16 July 2010

Manchester Museum Coffee Morning


I've met more bloggers in the last two weeks than you can shake a stick at, or shake a packet of low fat snacks at!

Today I took Presely and Cash to a particularly soggy Manchester to meet even more lovely bloggers, courtesy of Warbutons Snacks and Clarion Communications.

We met at the Couture Cafe in Manchester Museum. The organisers had thoughtfully provided crayons for the little ones and pictures to colour in. There was coffee, of course - what do you expect at a coffee morning?! There was also a gorgeous fruit platter and we did sample some of it, but the big draw for my boys were the plates of ChippidyDooDaas and wholegrain SnackaDoodles on every table.

Hats off to my children, they managed to consume their own body weight in snacks. I wasn't far behind them. Seriously, these new crisps - especially the ChippidyDooDaas, made from pitta bread - are delicious. 


My boys were well behaved, but it is tricky to chat when you're somewhere new and making sure they're both okay. I didn't even get to speak to some bloggers, for this I apologise.

If we did (or didn't) speak please say hi in the comments and we should try to organise another event in the North West.

Thank you to Warburtons for buying the boys some toys from the Museum and for my bag of goodies.

Oh and ChippidyDooDaa is a brilliant name for a snack!




  1. Chippidy Doo Da ,chippidy day, my oh my what a wonderful day! So lovely to meet you Sandy - I had a great time at my first bloggy meet up,great snacks, warm atmosphere - hope we can do more of them nearer to home.

  2. Ooo.. I want to try some now!! Glad you had a fab day! :) x

  3. Sounds like such fun. Shame I was unable to make it but maybe next time!! Have a great weekend x

  4. Chippidy Doo Da - what a really wonderful name!

  5. Sorry we didn't get to chat, is always good to put a face to a name though xxx

  6. Dont worry I know the feeling trying to supervise child and speak to people! J was a lil monkey at john lewis for that one! Kids hey! :D x

  7. Suzanne, lovely to meet you too. Yes, we must do it again, up North! :-)

    Emma S, they are YUM! :-) x

    Emma B, it was a lovely morning. We'll have to see what the next thing is x

    Spencer Park, a wonderful name for a wonderful snack!!

    Daisie, I'm sorry too, it wasn't for lack of trying! Hopefully next time... x

    Hayley, I keep threatening to organise a bloggers night out (without children)!! x


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