1 August 2010

Introducing the Baby Baby Thumbs Up

Ta daaaaaa!

I made a badge! A great big badge!

Thank you to the lovely Liz at VioletPosy for the 'how to' instructions.

So who deserves the Baby Baby Thumbs Up badge this month?

Polaroid Sunglasses

Presley and Cash were both sent a pair of Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses to try (£19.99 per pair). As well as looking cool, these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. Both boys took to wearing them straight away and they now put them on as soon as the sun comes out. I've let them play with them and take them on and off repeatedly and they appear to be indestructible. We can't fault them. Thank you Polaroid. Thumbs up!

Hello Baby

Trevor from the online nursery shop Hello Baby very kindly sent the boys a toy each to test. 

We loved the Brio Pull Along Helicopter (£9.99)

We also loved the Brio Classic Wooden Car (£4.99).

The boys have taken them both for a 'brum about', as they call it, almost every day. The toys are wooden, well-made and feel fantastic. They arrived well-packaged and I found the website easy to navigate too. Thumbs up!

Fairy Non Bio Gel

I was sent some Fairy non bio gel, fabric softenener, Timmy Time toys and some toddler tips and an advice leaflet from Dr Carol Cooper (Fairy's ambassador and author of 'The Baby and Child Question & Answer book'). The advice was actually really useful and covered reading, sharing, independence, nursery and clothes. If you would like some more details, please ask.

I was really pleased with the Fairy non bio gel (£7.14 for 962ml/26 washes). It was the first time I had used gel and I was totally satisfied with the results. I've always liked Fairy because we all have sensitive skin and we can be confident that it won't affect us.

You can currently collect FREE Timmy Time books with every purchase of Fairy. See special packs for details.

Guess what? Thumbs up!

Wilkinson Nappies

I was sent a pack of Wilkinson nappies to try (£3.74 for 24 size 5 nappies, two packs are just £7). I couldn't fault them (and I am a self-confessed nappy snob). Yes they're basic, but they did the job. Thumbs up!

Leapfrog Toys

The lovely people at Leapfrog have been rather generous. We were sent The Leapfrog Tag Junior reading system (£29.99) and a couple of books (£9.99 each). The reading device was simple to set up and personalise by connecting to the Leapfrog website. Best to do this when your children aren't around, because they will not want to wait. Both boys found the reading device easy to use, although the on/off button is too accessible when you have an over-eager toddler who likes pressing buttons. They were able to use it as intended really quickly. Presley spent ages trying to figure out how it worked! I have to say that while Presley and Cash both read regular books every day, they don't currently play with this every day. Perhaps that will change as they get older. 

We were also sent an electronic book 'Goodnight Scout' (£13.99) from the My First Book series. Cash has a Leapfrog My Pal Scout that he plays with every day, so his eyes lit up when we gave him this book. It is really sweet and also plays lullabies.

Finally, we also received the brand new Leapster Explorer (£59.99). As it is suitable from age 4 years (and therefore a little advanced for our boys) we haven't opened it yet, but in the interests of disclosure I wanted to mention it.

Thumbs up!




  1. Very nice! Love the thumbs up idea, might do my own 'thumbs down' one! Hope you're well Sandy x

  2. Check out the swagger you've been sent! And great badge! We had our honeymoon in Oz and spend the first few days in Sydney. Your badge reminds me of great memories. I seem to remember having our photo taken in that spot where you are!

  3. Not Supermum, I've been threatening to make a badge for months! Ooh, I haven't got a thumbs down photo. I am well thank you and hope you are too x

    Emily, I know, although this is all from the last few months. This photo was from our honeymoon, one of 75 we took of the Opera House ;-) x

  4. Great idea Sandy and the badge makes me smile.
    I love the sunglasses, they look fabulous,and brilliant that they are tough (now all we need is some sun!) x

  5. Suze, thank you. The sunglasses are fantastic, but yes we need more sun!! x

  6. Great idea! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who's got a load of lovely things to review... must get on with it...

  7. Fantastic badge, you look gorgeous in it. That is a great idea, well done. And lots of cool things to review. xx

  8. Plan B, quite a few bloggers are doing a round up post, I just copied! x

    Susan, thank you, glad you like the badge! Yes, I've had some lovely goodies lately :-) x


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