4 November 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Row Row Row Your Boat...



  1. ...gently down the stream....merrily, merrily, merrily....life is but a dream.

    Wish it was.

    They do look cute though. Oh, happy days.

    Love RMxx

  2. Unlike RM, we sing these two endings to Row Row Boat (Car's favourite song!)

    ....if you see a crocodile, ...don't forget to scream (followed by a load aaagh)

    ...gently down the river... if you see a polar bear,... don't forget to shiver (followed by shivering motions!)

    Love the picture - did you pull them in it.


  3. My version is a mix of both of those :)
    Lovely photo!

  4. Ooo.. I do the crocodile one! :D

  5. Great photo!

    We sing the original and the crocodile/polar bear versions too as well as:

    Row row row your boat gently up the creek,

    If you see a little mouse don't forget to squeak!


  6. There is also the grown up version which Bel loves to pretend to sing...belts off trousers down... isn't life a scream! (as from Blackadder!)
    Maybe not one for the children


  7. Simply gorgeous. You must be so proud of them both.

  8. RM, I wish it was too! x

    BNM, we sing those too. Andy sings the Blackadder version! There's also ...gently to the shore, if you see a lion, don't forget to roar! They got in there themselves. It's my nappy box. Every day they empty the contents and get in!

    Peggy, thanks. I loved your halloween photos BTW, your boys are gorgeous x

    Emma, both of mine are very good at screaming! :-/

    Insomniac Mummy, thanks. Brilliant, hadn't heard the mouse verse before! :-)

    Rosie, oh I am :-)

    Gaelikaa, thank you x


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