5 November 2009

Toy Story

This is my life now. Well, not really, this is a pile of toys and books. This is a fairly tidy bit of our lounge.

It is symbolic of how my life has changed forever. Every night I pick my way through the toys on the lounge floor and I feel happy. Two small children live here now.

Most of the time it looks like a mini tornado has ripped through the house, leaving upturned cars and cows in its path.

Burglars beware! If we don't put everything away in the toy box (ahem, most nights), the house is reminiscent of that scene in the film Home Alone. You know, the one where Kevin leaves all of his toys out for the hapless burglars to stand on, slip on or fall on.

I don't know why I don't wear shoes in the house, it would save me from injury and save the toys from going to the toy hospital. We tell the boys it's a toy hospital, but really it's a heap on the kitchen worktop of things Mummy has trodden on and broken. Also there are the well loved books that need a bit of TLC - and sellotape.

We do rotate toys and only leave out a few at a time, this doesn't stop the boys getting everything out of the toy box every day.

I've just had a scary thought.

It will soon be Christmas.



Speaking of toys and Christmas - do you see what I did there? Seamless - the Great Toy Guide has your ultimate guide to reusable advent calendars here. We drew the short straw at Baby Baby and got an embroidered bag for life to review. Have a look and see what we thought of it here.



  1. That's one reason we're trying to separate the toys into a box per child - not sure it'll work but at least it keeps them segregated in the play room

  2. Clear up the toys at every opportunity, Toddler boy jumped off the sofa and landed on a toy and broke his foot. It was a sobering moment...
    Christmas- noooooo! xx

  3. Gosh, Piran can barely play with toys and he has a stack already. I am dreading Christmas!

  4. Enjoy this time. One day it will be all over....

  5. Looks like my house, only tidier. Our youngest will be getting toys from the bottom of toybox for Christmas, as he's only 2 it will probably be the last year we can get away with it.

  6. Muddling Along Mummy, that's a good idea, but Presley thinks all the toys in the house belong to him! :-/

    Zooarchaeologist, excellent advice. I hadn't realised that's how your toddler broke his foot! I do try to keep the drop-zone around the sofa clear of toys. x

    Kelly, I know, it's amazing how many toys they get. We don't buy many for them and we've only had a few things to review, but still there are toys everywhere! x

    Gaelikaa, I know, I try to :-)

    Jamie, great idea! Presley is only two (and Cash is one) so we can do the same! Having sad that I did get sucked in to the Toys R Us sale and bought a few bits!


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